August 18, 2021

Building a Kitchen Island

This isn't the first island we've built. The previous one in Colorado had more to it-- electrical, for one thing. This one is more basic, but also much more functional because it's bigger. 

In Colorado, our island had storage but it also had our stove on it, so the space was not as functional. It had a butcher block top and quartz counter around the induction stovetop. 

This time, we were looking for STORAGE underneath (we have no pantry) and SEATING. We eat, really, only at whatever bar top we have in our kitchens. Going on 4 houses now of eating exclusively at the bar top. We're those people, I guess. In Colorado, we ate almost exclusively on the couch, so...progress. 

Two things: This island is not attached to the floor yet or trimmed along the bottom because we are replacing this kitchen floor this winter. We also wanted to make sure it was exactly where we wanted it before we, literally, nail it down. 

While we bought the cupboards premade, Scott reinforced them with extra wood because premade cupboards bought at Home Depot aren't designed to be high-end or sturdy. This is the DIY of it all. 

These pictures go backwards because this isn't a tutorial (LOL) and that's how Google Photos does things. 

 Concerning this project, all I did was paint. I was so sick this day. I think this was my only contribution to anything that entire weekend. The color is Sherwin Williams Farm to Table. 

Supports for the bar top. Scott likes them as is, I kind of want to do them in off-white. Idk...This is the good part of DIY. You can change your mind and add to it later on. 

This is why Scott reinforces with real wood and supports: the "supports" in the middle were literally broken when we unboxed it. They were particle board. 

We were going to put this panel on it. We still may? Idk. We kind of just like it how it is. 

The first step was really to condition the bar top, stain it (it's a walnut stain), and then apoxy it (which took years off of Scott's life, I'm pretty sure...we've only done this once before and I'm quite sure we'll never do it again). 

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  1. That looks amazing!!! So big! That's going to be a great landing place in your kitchen!

  2. You guys did an amazing job! It looks gorgeous, and I love that paint color!


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