May 17, 2021

A few memes for Monday.

 Because seriously. How else do we start a week? I can't imagine trying to write a productive post.

Can I just say amen here? There are a few people I've known who just like want-to-get-together a LOT and I'm not that person. I legitimately just want to be left alone a lot of the time. 

Sorry, this is like the anti-social edition of memes. 
But really: if I don't know how/where I'm parking, I'm 99% less likely to go. I faced a lot of this in Pittsburgh because everything was always "downtown". (Kansas is better, obviously.)


  1. I legit will not go somewhere if I know the parking is total crap. Also, LOLOLOLOL at the Comcast one!

  2. I can so relate to all the anti-social memes. The parking situation is why I get there super early, like the airport meme - a combination of memes that is my life.


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