May 14, 2021

3 Friday recommendations.

1. Let's start with this water wow activity from Melissa and Doug. My parents sent one to Wells for Easter and he wore. it. out. I had to throw it away because he would paint so much that he scraped away at the paper. He loved it though so I ordered a set. I couldn't find them in-store but that may have changed in the last month. 

on the floor at UPS

at the new house (the floor is can say it)

2. This episode of Allie Stuckey's podcast from Wednesday (I think?). It was with Jesse Kelly. He is my absolute favorite Twitter follow. It's titled How to be an Anti-Communist and it's the truth. It's not enough to be not a communist. We must actively resist communism when we see it. Socialism = communism = a bad end for everyone but 4 or 5 people. If you think I"m exaggerating or want to insist I'm wrong, watch/listen to the episode and then we can discuss. 

3. The Chewy pet pharmacy. I ordered medication from them twice now, because our vet is still in Pittsburgh and I'm not switching over until next month in Missouri. I recommend them mostly because they have great customer service. 

I feel like I have more but that's all that comes to mind at this exact moment. I will be internet-less for the weekend but expect memes on Monday. Two more weeks until summer vacation....


  1. I wish those who are pushing for socialism and communism would ask other countries how that is working out for them. As they bitch about capitalism from their iphones in their Nikes in the Target parking lot.

  2. I don't think its hideous...its not the first I'd pick but not hideous. Can't wait to see what you all do to it.

  3. Love Melissa and Doug! Have bought so much of that brand for my nieces!


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