December 27, 2020

Favorite Books of 2020


Weird year, right? (sorry for font issues in this post...something's off)

And I'm LEGITIMATELY CONFUSED about how Goodreads got 54/48 books

but I have *personally* reviewed this data more than once so

Imma take the win. Their numbers do not match my numbers,

so I will go one step further in 2021: I'm going to Google Sheets to track.

These are my favorites from the year. All are fiction.

I recommend every non-fiction book I read this year as well, but

they are interest-specific, so I’ll link them at the bottom and

you do what you want there. 

The Red Tent- This is an older book, in that it’s definitely not from the last few years, but I got it as a Kindle Daily Deal this past spring. I made it my first 5-star book of 2020 simply because I hadn’t read anything like it before. It’s a fictional retelling of part of Genesis, based on historical accuracies of what life was like at the time. Basically, it takes a chapter of Genesis and blows it up in hundreds of pages of story. I can’t speak to all of its accuracy, but there’s no reason why much of it couldn’t have happened this way. I’m not saying it’s all correct or biblically-sound, but the day-to-day life and presentation of how hard life actually was (especially for women) is eye-opening. 

Such a Fun Age- I truly enjoyed this story. There was a lot of back and forth narrative and character quirks introduced throughout the book; it wasn’t all thrown out there at once. I just thought it was put together very well..

Little Secrets- probably the best thriller I read this year? And I read a lot of thrillers. 

The Vanishing Half- This lived up to the hype. I truly enjoyed this story. 

Jane Doe- So good! That’s all. Just a great read. I described it as a female Dexter. 

When it comes to nonfiction:

Oh Crap! Potty Training could be useful to you,

Blackout is a political book that may change the narrative for the better,

You’re Not Enough is required Christian reading,

and Risen Motherhood was okay, but not a favorite. 

In December, I read two nonfiction books that I'll talk more about in my next

book post...

The Postnatal Depletion Cure is good info if you're in the throes

of baby/toddlerhood.

Love Thy Body is a must for Christians, in my opinion.

It's really hard to explain what it's about but it's an explanation

of sort on why the physical body matters, not just our emotional feelings

about it.

Best book of 2020? What needs to be on

my TBR list for January?

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  1. Little Secrets and Such a Fun Age were books I enjoyed this year. I guess I didn't really think about either when I was adding to my favorite list though. I liked Anxious People, Night Swim and One to Watch. I do want to read Blackout.

  2. Loved The Vanishing Half this year. Such a Fun Age and Little Secrets were on the cusp of my list as well.

    Jane Doe made my list in a previous year.

    And The Red Tent is one of my favorite reads of all time.

  3. I read the Red Tent many years ago and remember loving it. Goodreads is definitely weird. I don't think it accurately tallied my reads, but I don't care enough to go back and check! Happy New Year!

  4. Great list - Such a Fun Age has sounded interesting to me for a while, but I haven't read it yet. Jane Doe has been on my TBR pile for a while. Hopefully this will be the year I get caught up! Thanks for sharing and happy new year :)


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