December 30, 2020

Christmas Travels 2020 Part 1

I have no idea how many posts it will take me to catch up now that we're done with our Christmas travels, but here's the beginning of it. I'm currently quarantined from work until mid-January because I chose to travel, so maybe I'll have time to really get a jump on the new year when it comes to posting, cleaning up Christmas, and organizing? Maybe. 

Rest stop.

The campground we stayed at was having a Christmas celebration. Santa was there but Wells wanted nothing to do with that. 

Playing with his 15 year old cousin's old toys.

This looks fake, but it's not. Mailman for scale.

Neighborhood Christmas tree.

So, while Wells was living the good life, being doted on hand and foot, I'll share my big win: 

I don't know what the internet's obsession with Shiny Brites is, but I found these at my favorite home/craft store, original in-the-box for $6. They are the perfect color for my Christmas/winter decor this year. I'm not brave enough to hang them on a tree, so they'll go in a glass bowl. 

Part 2 coming soon!


  1. Is that your camper? That's what I think my Dad needs, he currently has a pop up, which is great, but that seems so much easier.

    Glad you had a good traveling time!

  2. Your district is making you quarantine? Wow! Wells looks so big in these pics!

    1. The system they have set up is basically that you can do whatever you want, travel-wise, but you have to tell them so they can determine (based on the state's recommendations) a quarantine period. It's 14 days from the time you return home. It's so they can continue with the stability of in-person learning as safely as possible.


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