November 25, 2020

W U W- The end of November

Reindeer pjs and sparkling water

What we're eating:

I'm loosely putting together a Thanksgiving menu. It includes these cookies I'll bake today and these green beans. I'll also put together a green bean casserole (per Scott's request, as tomorrow is his birthday so I kinda have to), and will probably try some mashed potatoes since we have a lot of heavy whipping cream on hand due to our constant eating of chicken marsala. We'll do a cajun-injected turkey breast and then I need a dinner roll recipe. I found a promising one that looks "easy" but it does require me to pull my mixer with the dough hook out of a box in the basement. 

Do you have a yeast roll recipe you're willing to share? 

What I'm reminiscing about:

I mean, I guess Thanksgivings past? I'm okay with it just being the three of us + dogs. We're used to spending Thanksgiving alone that *that* in itself has become our tradition. It's like a pre-Christmas relaxation break from work. Last year was the weird year since we were in Pennsylvania and able to see family for the holiday. 

What I'm loving:

Deciding on a theme for my Christmas decorations. I chose not to pull everything out this year and, instead, got out tree-related items and decorations that are more blue/gray/green. I feel like all of the red is too dark and I want things to be light and airy. I may do things this way every year. There's no rule book that says we need to put out every decoration we own. 

Took me two months to find placemats I liked.

What we've been up to:

Like many of you, we're taking life day by day. Week by week is ideal when planning out schedules, but we're just going about things as normally as we can. We have a lot up in the air right now. 

What I'm dreading:

Potentially quarantining in January before going back to work, remote learning never ending and only getting to teach on Zoom for the rest of the school year, finding out where we're going next year and it not being a place where we can really settle in or enjoy. 

(Fun stuff.)

I also realized that if Wells doesn't have a playdate soon, he may combust. He hasn't played with a child since June. This isn't normal. I'm glad he has a babysitter for a change of scenery but, man, I would love to take him to a playgroup if I could find one. 

What I'm working on:

I stayed up later than I wanted last night to order Christmas cards. The coupon code I had for Shutterfly expired at midnight. So...had to get that 20% off. 

I'm also making a lot of to-do lists of things that need to get done for Christmas and planning ahead for remote teaching, starting on Monday. I don't have to create the lessons, but I have to be ready to jump in when needed and teach via Zoom, which is much more complicated than it seems. 

Also, today's goal is call around for appointments and/or go to the post office and/or make progress on that Thanksgiving menu up there (again, a roll you have one?).

What I'm reading/watching:

I'm reading The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue and really enjoying it. I also have been skimming through How to Talk So Little Kids Will Listen and I don't know how I feel about it. I started Mere Christianity but I think nonfiction in print is just not for me at this exact moment. I will read it, but reading nonfiction feels too much like studying. 

I'm watching absolutely nothing. Scott has been watching The Great British Baking Show's in-real-time season. I just can't get behind the change in hosts. I miss the old hosts and I miss Mary Berry. Sorry, guys. 

What I'm listening to:

I've even been scaling back on my podcasts lately. I do listen to Ben Shapiro daily, but I'm quite tired of the election talk/legal battles/etc. I wrote a political post about the subject and put it all out there if you want to know my thoughts. 

I listen to a few Bachelor recaps for fun. My true crime obsession is just about gone. I do listen to Allie Stuckey a few times a week. This episode from yesterday was ON FIRE:

Youtube version here

Start at 30 minutes. You can debate this if you want to but ... Planned Parenthood = Margaret Sanger, Margaret Sanger = eugenics, Margaret Sanger = white supremacist, Margaret Sanger inspired the Nazis to create their eugenics program, Planned Parenthood = Hitler. 

What I'm wearing:

It's been gross and cold lately so these are super quick. Lots of pants, apparently. I also need to get into the box of winter shoes in the basement and dig out some different boots, apparently. 

Unflattering Target shirt from last year with a comfy skirt and leggings.

Target sweater from last year that's just okay. Madewell jeans.

Camo sweatshirt from Marshall's last year with Athleta jeggings from 6 years ago (best purchase ever)

Stitchfix top with a really cute back, but I've been too lazy to get a picture of it. SF high-waisted pants as well. NorthFace fleece.

What I'm doing this weekend:

Prepping for Christmas? Who knows? Relaxing. Just enjoying a few days of nothing. Also, should probably exercise. I've been slacking this week. 

What I'm looking forward to next month:

Hmmm...I really love sorting and wrapping and giving Christmas presents. I'm not *not* looking forward to anything but I don't have anything particularly amazing on the horizon either. 

What else is new:

I am on track to finish the Bible for the first time ever by the end of 2020. I'm in Acts right now. That's a huge step because I've never gotten this far all at once. 

And I got a good sunrise picture the other day:

Have a very happy Thanksgiving, friends! 


  1. I can’t imagine subbing on Zoom! That sounds hard. I hope you can get a play date. Is there a military family with a kid his age? I have so much to do this weekend and not much motivation. I am going to have to lesson plan one whole day. I love those placemats and I’m the same, I just want a more natural lighter look and plan to switch out fall tomorrow or Friday. Happy Turkey Day!

    1. As soon as I figure out a teacher's tech set-up, the subbing is easy enough. It's getting everything set up and figuring out where things are that's a lot! This week I'm doing preschool zoom :D

  2. My yeast recipe is that someone else makes them ;) This year at least!!
    Happy Thanksgiving friend!


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