November 23, 2020

The Best Things I've Ever Bought (Christmas Gift Edition)

If you need a gift idea for yourself...

I don't do traditional gift guides on this blog, but my absolute guilty pleasure on the internet this time of year is reading blogger gift guides. 

Gifts are so specific. I'll share what we're getting for Wells but Scott is not a traditional gift guide person; I can't say I've ever bought him a monogrammed flask, you know? That appears on every blogger gift guide and I'm still not sure why. 

I've never actually bought something recommended on a gift guide but, rather, I bookmark ideas throughout the year. 

This is specifically a list I made when I thought about the question of But what do YOU want for Christmas? You know, when your parents ask you around this time each year. 

As in, my recommendations for things that I love enough to use constantly. 

I got the short version last year, not the tall. I wear them outside all the time. I wear them out and about. In fact, in Pittsburgh, we had a ton of rain last winter so I wore these almost exclusively from November-March. It was ridiculous. I got them at Costco. That link is for Zappos and they're cheaper now! They are indeed waterproof, they're lightly lined, have a bit of a heel, and are pretty stylish (in my less-than-stylish opinion).

Whoa, guys. I got these last Christmas and I use them. every. single. day. They are a GAME CHANGER. I use them to listen to podcasts (I don't have to carry around my phone and strain to hear), do workouts at home (I'm not constantly adjusting computer volume and straining to hear), and talk on the phone hands-free (again, I don't have to carry my phone around).
I usually just put one in at a time so then I have one ear out for Wells but can still enjoy just listening to whatever I'm listening to while cooking dinner or doing things around the house. 
If you like to talk on the phone while driving, they're also great for that. Put one in and you don't have to yell into the car's sound system. 

I'm sure most brands of wireless earbuds are created somewhat equal but I didn't consider that to be the case for me. Scott has off-brand ones that he doesn't use much. I just find them SO helpful because I'm naturally such a multitasker. 

I first got a Le Pilage medium-sized tote in 2013 and I used it to death over the next few years. I also got a small one and used it so much I actually wore a hole into it over the 3 or 4 following years. My only issue with the small one is that the cell-phone pocket was too small...have they adjusted that in the small size over the last couple of years? 
I tried the Club Tote version last year and didn't like it, which was kind of a sad waste of money :/ ($50 plus shipping if you want it! It's like new!)

But I'm thinking maybe a new size small one? That gray one is my most-loved and well-worn bag. I have enough large totes for now.

Anyway. They are stylish. They are simple. They are classic. Any time I see someone with one, I automatically assume they know what they're doing. It's a weird measure for assuming the best of people, I know. 

I bought these for everyone last year. I love mine. Gretchen Rubin mentioned it years ago on her podcast and I told my mom that's what I wanted for my birthday and she got me one. I wear it from October to May, basically, and sometimes in between. I don't wear it because I'm cold; I wear it to talk the dogs or work outside. It has 3 pockets, and is lightweight. 

So what's on my Christmas list this year?

There's really a few things I'll eventually buy for myself if I don't get them for Christmas/birthday in December/January. 

+ Gift cards for Nordstrom, Sephora, or Amazon. StitchFix gift cards would also be nice because I really do enjoy buying higher-quality items there now. Concerning Amazon, I could find anything there, but I'm also looking to move back to Audible for nonfiction books in 2021, so I could always use that as well.*

+ Bearaby Weighted Blanket - that's the big ticket item...I've researched weighted blankets and that's the one I would want. My sleep has been absolute garbage for the last 2.5 years. Some nights it's better than others (getting a job again actually has really helped), but I think this might be a good solution. 

What's on your Christmas list? 

*This is neither here nor there when it comes to Christmas lists, but subscription services are what get you, right? Right now, I like BOTM because it's FUN and doesn't break the bank. I have a $9/month Pilates membership, as well. I canceled all of my Patreons..I only had a few..because I want to listen to more nonfiction books in 2021 than I do podcasts. 


  1. Will you send me a pic of the tote? Tom got me a large baby poop brown and I used it for three years maybe and then sold. I always wished I had black by I love a black brown combo. Medium is probably a better size, too. I totally agree on the boots. I just got AirPods! I have never tried uniqlo brand but I know it’s a fave of many!

  2. I have gone back and forth on a pair of Hunters. Every time it rains I wish I had a pair haha. My calves are super muscular and I remember one pair I tried on were too snug, I should look into the shorter option. I have never purchased anything on a gift guide either. I always share my own Christmas wish list though haha. I have it coming up soon.

    1. I feel like Hunters last forever so they're likely worth it. And yes, the shorter version are definitely looser on the calves! I liked my higher version (Kamik, not Hunter) but this time I went with shorter because I thought I might wear them more.

  3. I GOTTAAAAAA get me some boots. I feel like it would let me WEATHER the cold better.

  4. What's the club tote version of the longchamp? I've got the small and LOVE it, but i've had it several years, I'm not sure how long it's going to last.

  5. Oh, I'm curious about that vest. I do love looking at gift guides. I find that many are pretty similar, or the stuff for guys really don't suit my dad. Regardless, they are fun to look at and I bookmark items I like as well.


  6. I need a pair of those boots! On my list this year is wine insulated tumblers, workout clothes and right now that's it. Keith hasn't asked neither have my parents so either they have ideas or it'll be a last minute thing.


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