June 16, 2020

SW #3 2020

A day late...that is the story of the next month, I'm afraid. Everything is running on weird schedules with coronavirus protocols for errands and traveling, and the tasks associated with moving.

I saw this and thought, How perfect.

But onto the weekend...Wells played with some cousins. 

I also tried to take a few naps...Wells never lets me/us sleep when we're at my parents' house so it's always a little stressful. Luckily my parents keep him occupied outside for hours at a time (I'm not kidding. He never wants to actually come in the house.)

 I finished one book and started another. We took the dogs on a nice phone-less walk. 
And now we're almost halfway through another week.

I came across this when I was trying to keep up with my Bible reading plan this weekend. It speaks to the situation in our country right now, pretty clearly. 

Just something to think about if you're feeling uncertain!


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