June 17, 2020

WIWW: High-waisted shorts?

These are coming across as the opposite of flattering. What do you think? I have no skin (my very, very pale skin apparently) in this game because I'm not trying to sell or affiliate-link these. They are quite comfortable and I went with black because I don't need to worry about matching that way. I bought random pink shorts last year and never wore them because I had no need for pink shorts.

I'm just confused about how they are supposed to fit. They are more of a skirt, to be honest, but the waist doesn't cinch as much as I would like? It's a weird fit. And, full disclosure, these are a size extra-small. They are maybe just vanity-sized to that extent. Usually I go with a small in most items, but these seem to run big.

In a case of being overly obvious and obtuse, these do not look like they do on the model. And the website says she's wearing a small? I'm confused. More height might make a difference. She's got 3 inches on me. I feel like people look at me strangely when I wear them. Like, Why are her shorts so high? What's she hiding? 


Are you doing high-waisted shorts? These are more of a culotte. Which is cool. I just think this particular fabric/fit would be better suited for a skirt?

Lots of question marks here. 

I'm thinking of trying these but they don't look super comfy. 


  1. I just don't understand the high-rise fad. I accidentally bought a pair of jeans that were high rise and I would prefer to wear any other jeans than those. I did buy the jean version of the Target shorts you are asking about (in mid-rise, so I could breathe) and they are my favorite shorts. They fit me much differently than the model, mostly because my thighs are smaller.

  2. I am all for leggings being high-rise, but I find other high-rise items do the opposite of flatter on me and most people I see. I saw someone on Instagram share a pair of black denim cut-off high rise shorts from Abercrombie that looks SUPER cute on her. Those have my intrigued. I usually wont go out in public in shorts, tending to just wear dresses in the summer. But I am considering trying a pair this summer. You know, if I ever go anywhere again...

  3. I think they look cute on you! I don't wear shorts so I have no knowledge of them lol.

  4. No high-wasted stuff for me. They look great on you from the side view, but I agree I'm just confused as the where they are supposed to sit.


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