June 12, 2020

5 Friday Things

1. This podcast.

We are absolutely enthralled by the story of Lindsay Buziak. Some true crime fans go nuts over the disappearance of Maura Murray..for us, it's Lindsay Buziak. So much so that we've been listening to the True Crime Garage episodes together. I mean, it's a rabbit hole. 

But I truly recommend TCG as well. They really deep-dive. The JonBenet episodes were fascinating. 
You do have to fast-forward through the first 5 minutes of nonsense at the beginning of each episode. I don't need ads and music. 

2. Frozen vegetables. (for toddlers, not for you)

A friend often gives her toddler frozen corn as a "special treat" and it worked wonders with Wells too. He loves having his corn frozen and I've now added frozen peas to the mix. He also is a HUGE fan of popsicles now. I have to start policing this more, I know, but he just loves to snack on a popsicle in his chair after naptime so...I let it go. 

I hate weed-eaters. They are heavy and awkward and loud and filling up the gas with a combo of gas/oil (or whatever) that's different than the lawnmower gas...all of that is a hassle. Plus, they're dangerous: I cut my leg once years ago, so I'm also afraid of them. 

Our rental here had this battery-powered weed-eater in the shed. It's a dream. I use it for FUN. It's light, not too loud, no gas, no pull string (the workouts I got trying to start the weed-eater in Colorado were no joke), and now I want one for myself. Yard work, at this moment, is enjoyable. I don't need construction crew-grade yard equipment so this is perfect for me. 

I grabbed it yesterday when I went "to Target for contact solution". It was only $10. Fits true to size and it's not see-through.

5. Alright, that was 4 recommendations for you...I need help: what's your favorite flip-flop? And what's a great one-piece swimsuit? (Don't worry I'm not going on a vacation...I just need to be prepared for summer. There's a lot to hate when it comes to swimsuit shopping at the last minute out of necessity.)


  1. I haven't tried giving Zoe frozen veggies not cooked, maybe I should! She eats the crap out of some frozen cherries. They are like her favorite snack. She is also popsicle obsessed. I buy the Frozen ones, they are like 1/3 the size of a normal one...so I dont care if she eats one or two every day. That dress is super cute! I dont have any swimsuit suggestions, just that I absolutely HATE shopping for them!!!

  2. OK why can't I find that TCG episode!? What do you listen on? I've gotta hear it.

  3. I hate the weed eater. Ours is battery also but I can't stand it. I make keith do it.

  4. I honestly love my Croc flip flops. they are super comfy.
    So he eats the corn & peas frozen??? That's funny - & hey, if it helps him eat his veggies, whatever works!

  5. I'll have to check out that podcast. I love true crime podcasts!

  6. You know I love Reef flip flops! I buy most of my swimsuits from Target.com. The selection online is better!

  7. I'm one of those Maura Murray people. That case just fascinates me. I read James Renner's blog on the case from start to finish a couple of months ago. I still need to check out that TCG podcast. Pretty sure I'd love it.


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