January 9, 2020

Stuff and Things 1/9

+We went out for sushi the other night and Wells had some lo mein. If we're going out to eat, it's almost always Thai, Vietnamese, or sushi, just because I don't feel like making that at home and it's generally our favorite type of food. This is likely the 20th time we've taken Wells out to an Asian restaurant, but his first time joining in. 
There's a whole series of pictures, really, but the point is that he would not stop eating and eventually took my chopsticks to see what he could do with them, instead of a fork.

+The Bachelor is back. I'll probably have thoughts next week. Mainly though: Why does Hannah do this to herself?  She put herself in this situation.  I actually wrote a lot about Hannah's season this past summer. 

+Nick is one of the very few Bachelor people I follow and I HAVE NO IDEA WHY I DO. I'm not even a fan. I don't know how it even happened. 
But this post on Monday night was quite on point. 

+I've been trying to catch up on TV and found season 6 of Younger available on Hulu. 
Honestly, I don't love it as much as I once did. And Hilary Duff is ...questionable? 
If she didn't dress like a a character from Designing Women, I might be more on board with Kelsey. Her wardrobe and hair is always just so bad. 

+We're in this horrible space where we watch one or two episodes of a show and then move onto something else. Nothing is particularly catching my attention these days. 

+We got so many magnets for Christmas and I love that Wells loves them.
He also loves to stick them under the fridge (see above). 
This fridge isn't easy to move and there are at least 4 wedged under there in a place I'll never actually be able to get to. 
So...no more magnets. 
Every other week or so, I pull them back out of the closet and see what he does. As soon as I turn my back, I see magnets sticking out from under the fridge. 
We played this game ("game") with the same 6 animal magnets for about 4 months. Currently, I have 3 of those animal magnets left. 

+ I made this chili last night. A winner for sure!

Just cook the ground beef and onions and put everything else in the pot and let it simmer for an hour.
I would skip the cayenne when making it again, just because I added Ro-Tel instead of regular diced tomatoes.  I also didn't have kidney beans so I just made it a bean-free chili. 
And, personally, I don't think it needed the salt, so I would leave that out. I thought it was a little spicy, but fine. Scott loved it. Wells ate leftover lo mein.

Final question:

How do you solve your iCloud storage issues? I'm afraid to delete pictures. It's all on my computer (though we saw how well THAT worked out back in June) and it's all in Google Photos. 
Seriously, what do I do? I'm always full. 


  1. I'm with you on Hannah... & I need ALL your Bachelor thoughts :)
    Nick cracks me up... he's just entertaining. I'll listen to his podcast every now & then too.
    HAHA -Younger & Designing Women wardrobe. I just dont know where they get the other lady's necklaces... those things BE CRAZYYYY

  2. I gave up on the Bachelor a few season ago since I just couldn't take it anymore. I also have not been loving Younger or really any shows. I seriously just watch random things on Netflix right now.
    I will have to add that chili recipe to my list since I have been craving chili.

  3. My daughter is a huge fan of lo mein and pretty much anything with rice too LOL! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. Get a back up drive. Seriously it's a life saver. I dont save to cloud bc of filling it up.

  5. Oh Hannah. I love what you said. I can't stand her and I've never liked her. I barely made it through her season and didn't even watch the last few episodes because I was so over her. She's coming off DESPERATE for attention.

    We're struggling to find a show too! I just finished You, and whew. That was a trip.

  6. I'm absolutely staying tuned for your thoughts on The Bachelor :) I went to bed and missed that whole shenanigans from the first episode...and I missed the first bit of the second episode so that's fine haha. I also am burned out on Younger now. I loved the first few seasons, but I think it's pretty much run its course.


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