January 8, 2020

Last week's lament

I found myself slightly feverish, but at Target with a toddler the other day because there were a few things I wanted to pick up. And we needed a quick morning activity to take up some time. It was too cold to go for a walk and felt inappropriate to go to storytime with the way I was feeling on day one of (what ended up being) a five-day cold.

I saw these sweaters and noticed they were about $14. I'm always looking for something long that I can wear with leggings and half price is perfect for Target. Some of my most-worn clothing items over the last ten years have come from the Target clearance section. This is where I'm totally okay with buying cheaper and/or in volume.

I wanted a bigger size so it would be longer and this color had the only medium. All the other colors were light blue, yellow, green/gray and were in XXL, S, or XS.

I grabbed it and left. At the self-checkout, I realized it was $20. Yes. Just this size and/or color (there was ONE) was $20. I felt completely let down. It wasn't such a bargain after all. However, I liked it by that point, and I have nothing similar, and I actually had browsed this sweater or similar ones online this winter and never pulled the trigger. I don't actually have an oversized sweater like this.

I just bought it.

Wrinkles and all. 

Then I tried to take a couple of photos outside because I did buy the $13 tripod months ago and that barely worked.

Here's the sweater and, note, it's $20.99 on the website in every color. At my store, the other colors were $13-14. So it may be worth checking in-store!

This week's lament is that I dropped a full aerosol can of window cleaner on my toe and these are the only shoes I can comfortable get on my feet right now. 


  1. I hope you are feeling better and I'm sorry about your toe!

  2. OH NO!!!! Its so painful when your toe is hurt or broke... waiting game.
    Glad you got the sweater - you deserve a treat.
    I would have raised it up about the other sweaters being on clearance - I did that one time & the manager ended up giving me the discount price :) I'm sure it all depends on the day for that though.


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