May 30, 2019

Stuff and Things 5/30

+Whenever I buy alcohol, I hand over my ID and they say "Alaska? Huh." and I never know what to say. Then, the last time, someone asked if I was just visiting. I said, " husband's in the military so we live here right now." If they look closely, they'll see it's an Alaska driver's license with a Colorado address, but they rarely look that closely.
I don't even know how to explain that I'm from Pennsylvania, I live in Pennsylvania, and I have an Alaska license.

+I didn't get our moms anything for Mother's Day. That's lame, right? Scott did see his mom that weekend and we saw my mom that weekend too. But I'm still coasting on the fact that they were gifted a grandchild this year. I've got two more months before I have to start buying gifts again.

+I sent back our recalled Rock and Play about a month ago. Since it's more than 6 months old, I got a voucher instead of a refund. I thought I'd get like $60 to spend on the Fisher-Price website. No. I got a choice between exactly three items as a direct exchange:

We don't need a highchair. Especially not ones with little cracks and crevices and fabric to clean.
I have a bouncer I'm trying to get rid of (anyone?).
The lion thing is kind of strange looking but it's all that made sense. 
Hope the kid likes it. It said something about taking 6-8 weeks, so I might just save it for his birthday.

+This was on Facebook last week:

So the comments included parents saying "YES!" and "I told teacher to stop giving homework in October!" and "I said I was pulling my kids out a week early for vacation and they wouldn't be doing any homework in the two weeks prior!".

So I had to respond with this:

No one really said anything to my reply other than a few likes and an eye roll or two, but seriously now.

No WONDER kids don't listen and no WONDER so many parents are awful to work with. I don't think I ever had this particular issue toward the end of the year, but I always gathered grades up until the last two weeks. So if your kid had a B at midterms and went down to a C as a final grade, it was literally because they stopped doing their work (because those who are parenting them kind of suck...seriously, parents are awful and how do they keep their jobs working for their own boss if this is how they treat their child's teacher?).

Side note: it might be time to deactivate Facebook again.

+Alright, some funny things:

If you missed my commentary on Pittsburgh drivers, this is how they think ^

This is how I've felt for the last year. I want to say it's better now, because I don't have *real* problems. But I also have had nothing to compare this last year to previously, so I can't tell what's a big deal and what's not. I can't judge the scale, if that makes sense.

If I know someone is coming over, I can plan ahead and lock the dogs up so they don't bark and jump. If a salesperson tries to sell me lawn products, they have to wait while I squelch the defense.


  1. The dog meme is so true - when my parents were over babysitting, my mom got in the habit of giving the dogs a treat each time they came back inside. She soon realized they were only going outside to turn around and come back in for the treat ... so she started giving them a piece of their dry kibble as the 'treat' instead. Then *they* realized their plan was discovered and no one went outside unless they had to. :)

  2. You do have a valid point about the parents checking out worse than the kids. I was always that school nerd that hated school to end so I was all in till the last day :) haha
    That SUCKS that they make you choose a product for a refund. That's not cool at all!!!

  3. One of my goals for this year is to deactivate Facebook again for a month. I did it last year and was so happy... but I'm addicted. UGH! lol


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