May 29, 2019

What Wells Eats (at 10 months)

I posted awhile ago about how I made my own baby food. 

There seemed to be two schools of thoughts when it came to introducing solids:

1. Baby food purees

2. Baby-led weaning and starting finger foods right away

Around 7 months, though he'd previously really liked purees, he stopped eating them. He would push away any and all spoons. This also eliminated things like yogurt and oatmeal, which were staples for breakfast and lunch. It turns out that he just really likes to feed himself (don't we all?).

A few things:

Since I don't eat much meat, I don't give it to him that often because it's just not here. When we have it, he eats it too. I try to make sure his pieces don't have salt/pepper/spice, but I've found that most seasonings are fair game. Meat, to me, isn't nearly as important as vegetables (in my own diet), so he can eat it whenever he wants as far as I'm concerned.

He does eat salmon and fish at least once a week. If I'm making something vegetarian for dinner, I'll bake a piece of salmon or fish for Scott and give Wells a chunk of it.

I've found in the last couple of weeks that putting all the food on his tray at once works so much better than one item at a time. It's always interesting to see what he goes for first too.

Sweet potato puffs, multi-grain crackers, string cheese, steamed apples, chickpeas (roasted with a little olive oil and smashed before serving)

Chicken and vegetable potsticker (boiled, from Costco), red pepper, steamed sweet potato, cucumber
(He really likes wontons so I tried potstickers and he ate none of it.)

Strawberries, steamed apples, half a waffle 

Multigrain crackers, string cheese, red pepper, cucumber, sweet potato puffs

I'm going to really selfish here and just hope that I can help someone with this post. When I was looking for sources on how to feed a baby solids for the first time, I couldn't find much. A few friends told me just about everything I know. His first doctor said to not bother with purees and/or to just make them yourself. His second doctor said to do purees only because, without being able to use a pincer grasp at 6 months, he can't feed himself.

Wells figured out how to feed himself at 8 months on the dot, so it's been all finger foods ever since.

I know formula is supposed to be the biggest source of nutrition until the age of one, so I'll likely have to do some research on the best way to incorporate regular milk into his diet (tips appreciated!). Right now, he drinks his bottles on demand, not on a schedule, and not with his meals.

Right now, I'm focusing more on what I'm offering and how I'm offering, not necessarily how much he's willing to eat.


  1. great job; keep going with the finger foods and keep offering things, even if he doens't eat them the first few times. as for formula, I gave that to my daughter on a schedule (between meals, before sleep). at the age of 1, i switched to regular milk. i tried a slow transition (ie. part milk, part formula) but i think after a few times, realized that K didn't realize/care and just gave her straight milk from then on....also because i was lazy and didn't want to bother with the transition and she was fine lol.

  2. Heck, I need to take that tray & make the same thing for my lunch at work ;)

  3. I love seeing what other kids eat & he has such a good variety. We started doing oat-cakes when he didn't want to be spoon-fed anymore, literally just oatmeal, banana, & water. Sometimes we'll add in spinach or a few spices & he loves them, though I know I need to start working on him self feeding with a spoon soon with regular oatmeal again.

  4. We're allowed to start introducing in two months so I'm curious to see what will work for us. As with all things it seems like very different things work for different babies haha. I wish there was a manual and all babies followed it :)


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