April 18, 2019

Stuff and Things. 4/18

+++ I put together Wells' Easter basket and I'm hauling it to my parents' house this weekend.

I *almost* bought him a $60 PB Kids monogrammed basket. Then I realized that was not the best use of our time/money/resources. I saw this basket that I really liked at Home Goods and I ordered a name tag on Etsy.

+++ I ordered a new diaper bag. I ended up getting another backpack one on Amazon. It looks sleek enough (non-diaper bag-ish, that is) but it just needs to be functional. I really like nylon-like bags, in case you haven't noticed over the years. Pleather is generally not my thing, even though I do have a few leather/suede purses. Buying a really expensive one would just make me want to take super good care of it and, well, diaper bags can take quite a beating. I would've procrastinated this for another few weeks, mostly likely. But we went to the zoo last weekend and after 4 hours of carrying a diaper bag that wasn't *quite* serviceable enough for our needs, Scott insisted.

+++ All Rock and Plays were recalled. You can't even find them on Amazon, but they can still be found out there for resale, which is apparently illegal. I filled out the online form to send ours back, so you should probably do the same if you have one. I will take the voucher since ours is a little more than 6 months old. I don't really care because I wasn't planning on using it again and Wells really disliked it anyway. I do feel bad that I offered it to my friend because it just seems like an unsafe offer. Plus, I was iffy about even donating it to charity because I knew it wasn't the best option for sleep; it just comes so highly recommended by parents. I'm thankful it didn't work for us.
But The Washington Post headlined this by saying it "triggers shock in parents" that they can't buy RNPs anymore. Please. Of course The WaPo would use the word "triggers". (I can't read the article interviewing these triggered parents because it's behind a paywall.)

+++ This is insane. So absolutely insane. I don't care if you're pro-life or pro-choice (well, I do care but that shouldn't matter in this aspect, even). This is racism and eugenics tied up together.

+++ If you watched The Resident this week, it was super dark and I had to watch New Girl before bed as a palate cleanser.

+++ Ever since we moved into this house, I've had a deep-seeded fear of the central air not working. Looking at the unit outside, it's not well-cared for. I checked the lease multiple times to make sure "ac" was included, meaning they'd have to fix it if it didn't work.  Living in Pennsylvania in the summer without central air is more uncomfortable that you necessarily want to make yourself on purpose.
Anyway, my freakout came to a head and we tried it last weekend and it worked.

Then we had to turn the heat back on by Monday morning because it was snowing again.

+++ Along those lines, we're used to mowing a field. In fact, I used to spend my summers mowing down tumbleweeds (another life, that was). I would mow all morning, before it got to be too hot.

Now we have this rental with 15 minutes of mowing. They had left a mower and gardening necessities in the shed for us to use. Scott was skeptical about the mower working. Considering that I think we left our push mower in Laramie for *our* renters or maybe it's in a storage unit somewhere (I. don't. actually. know.), we'd have to buy another mower. Luckily, this mower worked. And it has a bag to pick up the grass.

In Alaska, I had to rake the grass. 

2012 in Alaska. I'm really glad I have this blog to remind me of Alaska because it feels like another life too. 

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  1. I love that basket and the name tag! Too cute!
    I have to make a stop at Target today to get things for my two's Easter baskets. I never do too much for Easter, but want to do a little something. Definitely going to be harder figuring out what to get the baby than the 4 year old!

  2. That's funny you watched New Girl as a cleanser. I had to do that this week after watching Sabrina on Netflix... I couldnt go to sleep with that the last thing in my mind. Give me some Schmitt to make life better.
    Love what you did with that basket & the name tag. I was wondering who hand lettered that - I'm checking out that Etsy site... for ideas to do myself ;) haha

  3. You're right, central air is a must! That name tag is cute.


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