April 17, 2019

9 Months of Wells.

Wells at 9 months.

We went to the zoo on Saturday. 

He is eating everything he can fit in his hand, get to his mouth, and fit in his mouth.

He does love water, but prefers me to hold a regular cup for him to drink out of. He thinks it's a game. He doesn't hold a sippy cup yet, but we're going to try one with a straw next week.

That's a deconstructed, boiled chicken wonton. 

He drinks maybe 30 oz. of formula a day, but I'm really bad at keeping track. It's all on-demand or before a nap.

He is crawling everywhere on all fours. As soon as I put him down, he squeals and takes off toward something dangerous. He went from barely being able to push himself up to crawling on all fours in about two weeks.

On Saturday, he pulled himself up to his knees outside of the bathtub, because he was looking for his favorite toy (an empty shampoo bottle he plays with at bath time). Then he pulled himself up onto his feet in front of his chair on Sunday.

He still naps twice a day. Or rather, I put him down for two official naps a day. Most often, when we're in the car, he dozes or naps there too.

He can say "Jett" and says it a lot, usually when he's looking around for a dog. He says "dada" and "mama" but doesn't direct it in a way that's easy to pick up on. He says "ba" clear as a bell but we don't know what it means. He says it constantly. We don't think it means bottle, because he just chirps it out randomly and repeatedly.

Scout still isn't a fan.

Wells has 6ish teeth and is working on #7 and #8 right now. It's rough-going.

His favorite toys include his Aveeno bottle in the bathtub and a remote that doesn't go to anything. He also adores the caps to his bottles. He loves water too so maybe a water table would be good for later in the summer when he can stand.

Wells is in just about all 12-18 month clothes. A few 24 month things are thrown in there as well.

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  1. HAHA - poor Scout
    Takes off to something dangerous... yep... that's how babies work. Its like they're DRAWN to it.
    So he's got the crawling thing down now, huh? Wasn't it last month he was just sort of 'rocking' instead of moving? Next up... WALKING - EEEKKKK


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