September 6, 2018

Stuff and Things 9/6

+While so much is actually new around here, my day-to-day is literally just laundry on top of laundry, it seems.

He observes from the bouncer. 

+We paid off my credit card a few weeks ago. I got it, originally, to build myself some credit a few years ago. The interest rate for the first year was 0% so I used it for everything and paid it off quickly. Then I kept using it and didn't realize that the interest rate, after that first year, jumped to 24%. (Rather, I knew it would jump up, but I didn't necessarily pay attention to "when".)
So, we paid it off and planned to close it at some point (I haven't used it in a very long time), but within hours of paying it off, they sent me an email LOL.

+We've had a rough few days of limited sleep. I really think Wells might have some reflux so feeding him is taking longer and I'm doing some experimenting with this. I gave in and ordered a rock-and-play. I don't see how it'll be different than a swing or whatever, but we'll see. He loves the vibration of the bouncer and I think just struggles with the stillness of laying completely flat in the bassinet, so fingers crossed that this lets all of us sleep (at the same time). Don't get me wrong: he sleeps very soundly and for hours at a time. Just not between 10pm and 6am. It's always a gamble then.

+I joined a gym. This wasn't a decision I made quickly or lightly. A few friends have suggested I try Beach Body on Demand but I know myself and I know I wouldn't do at-home cardio workouts. I just wouldn't. So $43 a month to attend classes is in my best interest right now. It's not even about the workout because I've stayed in shape just by walking the dogs and doing Pilates for years now; I need to get out of the house at times when Scott can be at home with the baby.

+#HASHTAGFALL has arrived to Wyoming on some days and some days it's still in the 80s. But I had to wear my headband last night and that was the first time I've worn in it September since...2012.

Also, pants. 

+As we head into #FALL, I was considering The Great Pumpkin Swap. This would be year number 7 for the swap and I'm all for doing it again, but was thinking about modifying it to just be on Instagram. More people could easily join in because you wouldn't need to blog about it. Thoughts?

If you think it'd be a fun idea, let me know! We wouldn't start for another month but I'd love to see if you're interested!


  1. I'll have to keep an eye out on what you decide with the swap.
    Yeah, I love Beachbody on Demand, but sometimes you need that time to just get away from home & have time to yourself in a different scene. Good for you!!!

  2. I thought 30 was expensive for the gym but you got me beat. Is that the family rate?

  3. I hope the gym becomes a good way to get out of the house. I definitely need to get moving again for health reasons, but I find that taking classes is better for me than at-home workouts because I just won't do it at home, by myself.

    I hope Wells will start sleeping better at night! *fingers crossed*

    And I'd be interested in the pumpkin swap being on Instagram. :)


  4. I can't even imagine wearing wool on my head right now. I need relief from this insane humidity.

  5. oh i remember paying off and closing cards (i know that's bad for your credit, but so is keeping them open because i will use them lol) and i started getting mail and offers immediately. i hope the rock n play works for you! i am with you on at home workouts. not gonna happen. hope you enjoy your time there.

  6. Send us some cooler temperatures!!!! I am jealous haha.

    1. I hear the east coast in general is still sweltering. I'm taking what I can get while we're in Wyoming lol.

  7. Pants and headbands?! No thanks. Though, this is coming from the girl ho was praying for snow 2 days ago. The humidity was insane! I'm in for the pumpkin swap!


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