September 10, 2018

BIP Thoughts.

Favorite moment of last week:

1. Astrid and Kevin make my heart soar.

2. Eric got his comeuppance and I appreciate that. I'm glad Cassandra was so smart. I could see the wheels turning in his head. Like a 4th grader who is lying and desperately trying not to get caught.

3. OMGee Annaliese. Please stop. I can't watch you do this to yourself.

4. Ugh to Ashley I. I totally meant what I said last week about her voice and the words it makes. Gag to these two.

And I don't understand why she's so dressed up for beach with the dress and spike heels.

5. Also, JADEANDTANNERJADEANDTANNER (if you listen to Rose Pricks, I hear Ronnie Karam's voice in my head whenever I type that). WHY are they still around? Carly and Evan just seem nice and normal and funny.

At least they were dressed properly for Paradise. 

6. Colton is the new Bachelor and I'm okay with this. I'd rather him than Jason or Blake. And at least they didn't pull a 39 year old from the archives this time. There's clearly nothing wrong with being in your 30s (hello), but that method hasn't really worked for the last two years. All the contestants are always 22 anyway, so might as well have a 26 year old Bachelor.

The finale is tonight (thank goodness). Is After Paradise tonight or tomorrow? I don't even know. I just look to see what's new on Hulu every Tuesday. 


  1. I didnt even know the finale was tonight... its time to close the books on this one.
    HAHAHAHAHA _Jordan in that scene ... I totally laughed so hard. He is legit the best thing of the season.
    I even said, "Seriously?" when Ashley I was walking down the beach in those heels. DUMB. you cant tell me she didnt know she was getting proposed too.
    I just want a reality show with Carly & Evan.
    & as much & I tire of JadeandTanner myself - they did make one beautiful little girl, didn't they?
    Annaliese... I just can't. CANT!!!!!

  2. I figured out why I haven't been watching bip yet...I'm use to be at the hotel on Monday nights and have it on and watch parts to make me want to finish it. Now that I'm not there anymore I dont watch. Oh well, I might try streaming it.

  3. All of this. Annaliese is so freaking annoying. And have you noticed Kamil doesn’t touch her? She’s all over him all the time but he never reciprocated.

    Jared and Ashley need to go away. So do Jade and Tanner and IMHO, same with Carly and Evan. Just go live your lives, and stop popping up everywhere.

    I’m ambivalent about Colton. On one hand, I don’t care. On the other hand, I think he’s either completely insincere or just really dumb. One minute he’s not ready for a serious relationship, the next minute he signs on to be the Bachelor? I feel sorry for Tia. Talk about being used.

  4. i seriously cant stop watching this show


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