April 16, 2018

5th to the last Monday

Or is it 6th to the last if there's 6 left, including today?

I thought posting a countdown each week would be a bit much so we'll go with every other. 

This weekend I got a few things done in Wyoming. Now I'm back in Colorado, spending another week packing up more stuff so I can sort it out next time I'm up there.

This weekend I read two books, Soft-scrubbed the fridge (because I really don't think that fridge had ever been cleaned), painted *most* of the kitchen, and  rearranged and cleaned all of the kitchen cabinets. I'm just so ready to be settled at this point.

A few pictures...

I hate Denver so much. It will take a 3 hour drive and make it over 4 hours. 

Attempting progress. 


This is the current state of the baby's room. When I opened the door, Scout sniffed around for a bit, then left, completely disinterested. 

Walking at 7,000+ feet elevation.

I'm not a BBT fan, but I do like Jim Parsons and this quote sums up what it feels like when the weekend (my 3-day weekend) goes too quickly. 
Don't worry...I won't call it "motivation".


  1. I just dont get the whole coachella thing. I really dont.
    I'm also not a BBT fan but I do want to watch Young Sheldon :)

  2. Oh I love Jim Parsons, he is a winner.


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