April 17, 2018

Currently 4/16

The weekends I spend in Wyoming do not lend themselves to blogging so I came into this week with nothing prepared.

Watching...Nothing. I can't find anything to watch. I don't understand what is wrong with me. I had The Office on in the background as I painted this past weekend. And I watched a few episodes of the new season of Queer Eye on Netflix. You all gave so many great recommendations a few weeks ago. I've tried a lot of those shows and just can't get into them. So strange for me. 

Reading...so much! This is thanks to my lack of TV-watching, I'm sure. I finished The War That Saved My Life, Still Me, and Educated last week. I'm working on The Girls in the Garden and The Lathe of Heaven. I DNF'd This Is How It Always Is. Up next: Wolf Hollow, Hell in a Handbasket, and The Glass Castle.  

Listening...to not much? I'm in need of a good podcast binge. Any recommendations with a backlog? I am listening to The Girls in the Garden, but I can only do audiobooks while I'm completing a task or on a long drive. I can't do them on my daily commute (and I generally don't listen to music because I'm strange like that). 

Dreading...I have a glucose test this week. I won't get the results until next week though. I've taken this test 2 or 3 times in the past, in an effort to help diagnose what could be causing infertility so the test doesn't bother me. It's the results I don't want to think about. This has been the easiest pregnancy experience I could've imagined (after waiting so long to get to this point) and if it takes a turn now toward high-maintenance, right as I'm getting ready to switch doctors/hospitals, that'd just be all that much more confusing. 

Wondering....why Mondays and Tuesdays are so difficult? I don't find my ability to really accomplish things until, like, Thursday. 

Believing...that after my rant last week, it's reassuring to see Colorado teachers standing up for themselves in Denver and in Pueblo

Attempting...to be as organized as possible. It's one of those times where my tendency toward type-A pops up (I would say I'm normally a type-B.) I am slowly packing up my classroom and slowly packing up my house and slowly transitioning things to where they need to be for the next 9ish months (when it will probably be time to move again). I'm taking a very methodical approach, involving piles of things and carrying something with me every time I go to the car or to the house(s). 

Laughing at....

I hate that I can tend to laugh at Sean Lowe's jokes so much. 


  1. Here's a great roundup of podcast episodes! I've listened to a few of them already and loved them: http://www.merricksart.com/2018/04/10-life-changing-podcast-episodes-you-must-listen-to-right-now.html

    I hope you are enjoying Girls in the Garden! Sounds like a lot of great reads lately!! We are currently watching Modern Family but I also really love Life in Pieces if you are looking for a funny show. AND I also love Brooklyn 99 haha.

  2. Hah! That first funny is hilarious. I think that's all of us sometimes. And yeah, Monday and Tuesday also seem so long - once you hit Wednesday, it gets a bit better. We're almost there! I hope your glucose test goes well. I don't really watch a ton of TV; I'm usually reading if anything. haha


  3. I have a hard time motivating before Wednesday.

  4. Sean Lowe really is a witty little guy, isn't he?
    But that first funny - that made me seriously LOL
    Sending well wishes for your test coming up. Keep positive thoughts!!!

  5. I listen to a lot of true crime podcasts, my 3 favorites are Sword & Scale, Once Upon A Crime, and Court Junkie. 2 girls from MTV's The Challenge started a podcast called The Brain Candy Podcast. They're both very smart, and they have great conversations. I also really liked Someone Knows Something, and You Must Remember This.

  6. Haha that 2nd one would get a man murdered! I have been so behind on so many shows because of all the reading I am doing!

  7. Good luck with the test. It's interesting how my sister was diagnosed with stuff as being higher risk with twins and I kid you not, the moment they were delivered, the Dr was like you're good now.

    As for shows I havent been able to get into any either.

  8. I stressed out a lot about the results of the glucose test. I finally had to realize that there was nothing I could do.

  9. Sean Lowe is the king of dad jokes. I’m with you on the not watching anything thing. I need a good show to binge!

  10. I'm in a podcast/tv show rut too!!


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