April 13, 2018

5 Friday Things.

1. No post yesterday because I was busy packing and traveling to Laramie (after work, of course). I ended up taking today off so I could take care of some business in Wyoming. Which really means I'll also be rearranging and cleaning and probably painting and walking the dogs if the snow doesn't get to be too annoying. It's not quite "spring" here yet.

2. This podcast episode was great.

I had a huge guilty pleasure in The Hills. I always loved it. I never watched Laguna because I came from a very small town and I'm pretty sure that, without Twitter and Facebook and whatnot back in 2003, I didn't even know it existed until after it was on for a year. Somehow I came across The Hills and couldn't stop watching back in 2006. If you were of that era, listen to that episode of Bachelor Party.

3. I legitimately don't understand this. Colorado Springs ranks as the #2 best place to live in the country? I'm soooo confused. I mean, between the drought and the constant "weather alert" days if there is so much as a sprinkle in the atmosphere and the fact that you can't find a house that is livable under $300,000 and the TRAFFIC? And the wind and the fires and the underpaid salaries in conjunction with the cost of living? I feel like if it's truly the #2 place, I should want to stay there forever, right? I don't even like going to Target because I have to drive by a bunch of homeless camps to get there (homeless camps that often start brushfires) and you can't even stop at a light downtown without someone asking you for money. A lot of these people are in a tough spot, which I get, but how does that not factor in?...30 minutes down the road, in Pueblo, there is one of the largest homeless populations in the country. 

And Denver is #3 on the list which is soooo confusing as well because, as I just said the other day, people legitimately can't afford to live there so that has to affect quality of life, right? (I feel like I'm asking a lot of questions here and my voice would be getting shriller and shriller...)

3. If you like middle-grade historical fiction, this was a good one. I wish I had time to read it to my class.

Handmade baby gifts from friends are so thoughtful. I can't get over how many people are already excited about this baby because it still doesn't feel real to me (at 6 1/2 months pregnant). 

5.  If you are a dog-lover, you need to be following this account. I can't get over how many times a day it makes me laugh.

Happy weekend!


  1. aww that dog who needs his paw held while cats are in the room! so cute

  2. When you said find a place to live under 300K I'm all "you can find a place to live thats 300K??" Because in Northern VA, that equates to a one bedroom condo...I'm curious what those polls use to determine "most liveable" though.
    I need to check out that podcast because I loved Laguna and The Hills. Obsessed for sure!

  3. omg that dogs being basic account looks fabulous. hmmm very interesting about the colorado springs/denver thing.. i always wonder how they get this kind of information because they didn't ask me where i wanted to live haha.

  4. You know I just went straight on my phone & followed that IG account.
    That blanket!!! Someone make that for you? That's precious!

  5. LOL I had the same thought about a $300k house...that'll buy you a run down 2 bedroom house in the area of WA we want to move to. Sounds pretty darn cheap to me, I can only dream of buying a house that cheap. But it is a lot more expensive than, say, the area of Oklahoma I lived in where you can score a pretty nice house in the 100-150k range.

  6. I love Colorado Springs, but it's definitely changed since we left in early 2009. We won't be moving back there. Buuuut that list? It had Killeen on it. Which is insane lol

  7. I can not believe you're 6.5 months along already. Where did the time go?! Like, whoa!

    Also, I don't get the #2 or #3 rating either. BUT I imagine compared to California, we do seem nice and OK and a better place to live... but nope. Nope.

  8. I don't understand the appeal of Colorado Springs either!


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