January 12, 2018

5 Birthday Favorites

I actually had a really good birthday. I didn't have any expectations because it was a weekday and it's January, so you never can tell.

1. To start with, I'm really enjoying my new haircut.

I got a haircut the other day and it's much shorter than I expected it to be but I'm kind of glad she stopped me when she did...I was ready to cut another half inch off. Maybe next time.

Every once in a while, I'll get a cut that's pretty short (for me) and the last time was summer of 2015, so it was time to try it again. 

2. We had sushi for dinner and that vegetable tempura roll was amazing. Next time, I'm just getting two of those. Scott told me I could get a Pepsi.  

3. I wasn't about to bake myself a cake or anything so we just stopped at Culver's on the way home. 

4. Scott decided to out-do himself. My iPad died a couple of weeks ago. It was from Christmas 2011, a second generation one. So not the very first iPad Apple made, but the second one. It'd been slowing down for years but couldn't handle the last update and just wouldn't connect to anything or go past the welcome screen after being updated. 
I didn't need a new iPad, but I think Scott did know how much I used it so here we are. 

5. I had a shockingly good birthday at school too. I wanted to take in cupcakes but couldn't because of allergies. However, the kids remembered it was my birthday, and every one of them gave me a hug. I'll take that any day. I do have a really good group of kids (I'm not going to say the kids are why I'm leaving teaching for awhile :), so I'm grateful I chose this to be my last year for now. I wouldn't have wanted to miss this year.

Hopefully you have a 3-day weekend ahead of you as well! Even coming off of 2+ weeks off...I need it!


  1. So glad you had such a great birthday!
    & yeah, no baking your own cake. Culvers works just fine :)
    Love the kids gave you a hug. Its crazy how careful you have to be with allergies no a days... when I was in school - never an issue. Its crazy how many different allergies there are now.

  2. Happy Birthday (again)!!! Love your hair. I always just go out for ice cream for my birthday. It's my favorite dessert anyway and takes the pressure of my husband!

  3. Happy Birthday! I would take Culver's custard over cake any day! I love your new hair cut. I'm loving the shorter look these days. It changes things up in a good way

  4. Happy birthday! I generally bake myself cakes fairly often because coeliac, but I'm not about to do that on my birthday. I'm curious, what do you use your iPad for? I am always wanting new gadgets but I can generally never think of a real need to justify getting one for myself...

  5. Glad you had such a great birthday! I'm overdue for a haircut, slightly below shoulder length is pretty long for me! Culver's is a great birthday dessert!

  6. Sounds like you had a wonderful birthday! :) I love your haircut and you can never go wrong with Culvers. :)


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