January 15, 2018

3-day weekend currentlys.

I'm still on a 3-day week (thankgoodness), so here's some current happenings...

Listening to...The Give Grace podcast is a recommendation I plan to give this month because it's so oddly uplifting. They talk about all kinds of issues and only have a backlog to August, so I binged most of it this past week. 

Laughing at....Dogs Being Basic is my new favorite account to follow. 

Taking.... a conceal and carry class. I went with my friend, because she just got herself a pistol for Christmas and wanted to take the class to get a permit. I've had a pistol since 2012, but in Alaska you don't need a permit. It's essentially been useless to me ever since (not that I go many places where I would choose to take it in Colorado). But I figured I could take the class and get it out of the way for $65. I, unfortunately, won't be able to apply for the actual permit in Colorado because I'm not a resident. Our military orders are for Wyoming. Maybe I'll make that a spring break project.

Wearing... my new Kamik boots. I threw the other ones away because they had actual holes in them and are, therefore, useless (which is what I keep telling myself because those boots and I had been through a lot together...so many snakes, so many four-wheeler rides, so many dog walks, etc...).

Irritated at... Direct TV. They call twice a day, every day. Sometimes I answer just for fun. They keep asking me to "come back". It's really, actually, a bit pathetic because if I wanted Direct TV, I would still have Direct TV, which is what I keep telling them. 

Not quite finishing....Murder on the Orient Express. My loan expires tomorrow. I'm at 36%. Sigh.

Organizing...everything. Knowing we've got 5ish months before we move allthethings to Wyoming has made me purge and clean and get rid of the things I know I don't need (i.e. a pair of boots with holes in them).

Watching...Well, I've been watching The Bachelor and Scott (with his time off of school) has been up at night watching TV after I pass out around 9pm. I've caught snippets of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (it gets better after the first episode..I was not a fan initially) and Manhattan. We bought a $25 antenna for local channels and an Amazon Firestick for everything else. This was the best decision I could've made (canceling Direct TV) to start off 2018.



We can't even talk about it. I think this is more me than Scott, though. 


  1. Directv is relentless!!! They call me nonstop too!

  2. Omg @dogsbeingbasic is my favorite!! I want to start Marvelous Mrs. Maisel now that I've caught up with everything else on my DVR. Good to know to stick with it, even if I don't like the first episode.

    Meg, Borrowed Heaven

  3. Tell direct TV if they want to give you everything for $20 you'll talk. Then you'll hear clunk 🤣

  4. We're trying to figure out how to go without cable. It's just ridiculous.
    Can't wait to hear your thoughts about the Bachelor this season

  5. So cool you're taking a concealed carry class! I really just need Isaiah to take me to the range more often and teach me everything he knows, I have a 9mm that I'd like to start carrying when I'm out and about by myself but I don't feel comfortable doing that when I'm so out of practice.

    I've thought about trying Mrs. Maisel, though I've heard various warnings about the first episode. And everyone says the same thing, that if you can get through it it gets better.

  6. I've just downloaded that podcast. Looks like a good'un, thanks for the rec.

    Sidenote, is it just me or is the new podcast app annoyingly difficult to use?! I'm still getting used to it and feeling like an Old Person at how hard I'm finding it!


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