January 10, 2018

Things about Me. For my birthday.

1. I rarely paint my nails. If I do, it's in the winter. My toenails are always kept up from May to October though #becausesandals.

2. Unless I'm feeling really motivated in the morning, I make the bed at night, before I get back into it.

3. The last two times I've thrown up have been in my own car. Talk about a confession. Three times on the way back from a Mexican restaurant after too much tequila (Scott thought it was hilarious) and then three times on the way home from surgery I had last spring, because anesthesia always makes me throw up. Again, talk about a confession...and there's some vast difference in circumstances as well.

4. I don't watch The Walking Dead anymore because it's dumb now, but my favorite character will always be Shane. He was the best.

5. I don't see myself ever getting a tattoo.

6. I don't own an ironing board. I put a thick towel on a counter if I need to iron something (which is like 3 times a year).

7. I usually have to be forced to watch an animated movie. I find so little about them appealing.

8. It took me almost 32 years but I managed to watch (and enjoy!) every Star Wars movie in the past year.

9. When I return home from a trip, whether it is midnight, 2am, or 2pm, I must unpack because I can do anything else. I realized this about myself when we lived in Alaska. I would stay up all night putting things back where they belonged before I could go to sleep. The time difference helped with that as well.

10. Today is the first day back for students after winter break.
I decided, many months ago actually, that this will be my last year in the classroom for the foreseeable future. I'll be done after this spring, as of now. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't looking forward to a break to just live for a little bit without this outside focus on school. Being a teacher is not a job; it's a lifestyle.  I've taught for 8 solid years, in 3 states, and in 4 schools. It's been an interesting career so far and I have no idea where I'll go from here or what I'll do next. The reasons for me taking a break are many but the long and short of it is that we are relocating in early 2019 and me being tied down to a teaching job for only half a year next year isn't ideal.

I don't have big plans for today...it's a Wednesday, after all...but I have a 3-day weekend ahead and I might experiment with a cake and we'll go out to eat. I haven't even bought myself a present yet...I'm still trying to decide what I want. I bought Uggs for Christmas (though, ironically, it's too warm to wear them in Colorado..maybe next year in Wyoming) so I was thinking of investing in a Pilates program.

Anyway. Here's to 32.


  1. I pretty much don't watch animated movies or shows at all. I have a soft spot for the Toy Story movies...I believe #2 was, if not the first, the first movie I can remember watching in the theater, so it always seemed really cool for that reason. But now? I very much like watching real humans in movies, not cartoons. I would not get a tattoo, non-necessary needles in my skin just isn't my thing. Happy birthday to you! Hope you enjoy the upcoming break from the lifestyle of teaching later this year!

  2. Happy Birthday Kristin!!! I hope 32 is your best year yet! Yum cake :)

  3. Happy Birthday!!

    Is it strange knowing over a year in advance you’ll be relocating? Like, my husband and I are loosely planning to move in 2019, but it’s not a for sure thing, you know? I feel like I’d spend the next 12+ months anxiously awaiting to move!

  4. Happy birthday!!!

    I agree TWD is dumb now...but I will always despise Shane, haha. I even get annoyed with other characters on shows and movies that he plays I disliked him so much on TWD, haha.

  5. Happy Birthday!!! I am so not in to animated films either. I told my husband that if we ever had kids it would be his duty to take them to the movies. I agree about The Walking Dead. We gave up on it too, but I'll always love Daryl. I hope you have a super, fantastic birthday! You deserve it!

  6. Happy birthday to you.
    I don't even know where my ironing board is at. No shame.
    Anesthesia does the same to me. Miserable

  7. Happy Birthday!!!! :) I still have not watched any of the Star Wars movies haha.

  8. Happy happy birthday!

    You only have half a school year left - yay! ;)

    I also always have to unpack as well right after a trip no matter the time. Keith thinks I'm crazy but I'm like dude it has to happen at some point!

  9. Somehow I missed this post back in January. Happy (really belated) birthday to you! I think most non-teacher people don't truly understand the teaching isn't a job it's a lifestyle thing. I couldn't tell you how many times I've heard, "It must be nice to just work 9 months out of the year, have all holidays and weekends off, and be done at 3pm." I'm always like, "You don't know a damn thing, do you?" Anyway, a break will be nice especially with all the changes coming your way!


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