September 29, 2017

Friday Favorites (???)

It's been rough-going for the last several days.

If I were going to write a follow-up to the Can't Even post from August, I would absolutely be writing it this week. While we have our health and steady paychecks, it's been a struggle lately when everything has stopped working and it's something new each day that needs to be fixed or replaced. It also hasn't been cold enough to turn the furnace on yet, so fingers crossed that that thing will work when true fallwinter arrives.

This is all about the good and the bad this week. Which is why I put the (???)

1. I'm going to give a gold star to Les Schwab Tires and a GIANT demerit to Big O Tires. Obviously, on Monday morning, the tire light came on. I took the truck to Big O after work, as one does, and the guy (an older one I don't normally deal with) told me he was swamped and could I come back in the morning. Them not doing appointments is inconvenient but I said NoIhaveajobinthemorning and I'm legitimately your best customer so please assist me. He asked me to pull it around so he could just check the pressure. He found a piece of metal in the back tire and pumped it up with air but said he "couldn't fix it" (patch it) because the tread was too low. I said I'd just had a tire patched a month ago. He nodded sympathetically and proceeded to attempt to sell me $900 worth of tires.

I told Scott.

The guy stared at the tires for awhile and said, "These look like they were put on in 2012". I said that was interesting because we bought the truck brand new in 2013. He said, "Oh, maybe 2013 then". I said, "NO. This is the second set of tires. They were put on in 2015." He just looked at me and handed me the quotes.

I went to Les Schwab. All I said was that I had a leak in the back tire. They fixed it 20 minutes for free. They did say the tread was low and I said that I know and we're looking to get them replaced. Scott said 5,000 more miles so soon enough.

I will be going to Les Schwab from now on. It's closer to home/work anyway, and not next door to the railroad tracks.

2. I have the afternoon off to go to the doctor. This is good and bad. Good because I will hopefully finally get my ears checked out and good because I get the afternoon off. Bad because #armyhospital and because I'll have a mess to clean up on Monday upon returning to work.

3. Third-day hair. This is bad because I was far too stressed out and tired to wash my hair on Saturday night, Sunday, or Monday, but it's good because dirty-ish hair holds curl well. Like, I get now why no one washes their hair. I've been using the curling wand all week.

I don't know why it seems like something is protruding from my stomach.
Top is Stitchfix (last fall); pants are Athleta; boots are Sole Society (last year); jacket is Target (2015)


And I think that's what has stood out from this week's happenings.

If you could join me in just hoping we start to get into a groove and routine, I'd appreciate it. I know it seems dumb because we're adults and these aren't life-threatening problems that we have... but I have a new routine with no dogs; Scott has a new routine with this graduate program, dogs, and learning how to not be active duty right now. This is a major transition time.

This weekend is attempt number two at trying to move a bunch of furniture and belongings to Laramie. Last weekend's "move" did not go so well and nothing was actually moved. Here's to positive thoughts.


  1. ugh i hate it when all the things break at the same time! we're sort of in that position (or likely will be) because we bought everything at the same time which means that it'll start breaking down at the same time... our fridge is starting to go and so is our stove :(

  2. I hate places that try to screw you over. There's too much competition out there to do that. Value your customers A-hole!!!! UGHHH - glad you got it taken care of by someone else. I'd call & let the manager know just that too.
    Good luck at the appointment today.. & the work on Monday.

  3. Transition times are hard. I hope you get into a new normal soon.

    I would be nuts without my dogs! It's what's keeping me from part time living at the shore while MFD stays home.

  4. You can do it!!! Try to enjoy and relax a bit this weekend

  5. I hope moving things goes smoothly!

  6. It feels like when 1 Person leaves due to crud management, or heaven forbid, a Rico Suave who wants to be the Next Bachelor vs. fix anyone's car, the half of the customer base ducks dodge quicker than Oregon losing games.

  7. I wash my hair maybe twice a week now. It's mostly a time-saver thing since #newmom. But I dry shampoo when/if I need to. It's better for my hair anyway! :)

  8. This is the second time I've confessed it on a blog in one weekend but ... I can go a shamefully long time in between hair washes. My hair looks better each day until day 5 when I look like Brad Pitt's greasy phase.

    Good thoughts to you as you find your new groove. :)

  9. KC went to - and got ripped off by - big O last time he got tires, and now with the newer car and new tires we went somewhere else.
    i wish i could go longer between hair washes. my hair holds curl better when it's dirty, but then it crosses into 'this is disgusting and oily' too quickly to do it for too long lol.


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