September 28, 2017

Fall TV?

The question mark is because I don't know if you're interested in my opinions on fall TV or not.

To begin with, I came across an episode of the I Hate Green Beans podcast in which they were talking about fall TV and I was interested in exactly none of the shows mentioned. They were awful returning shows or dumb-seeming new shows. (I do not reserve judgement when it comes to TV-viewing tastes.)

They were interested in Big Bang Theory, DWTS, Grey's Anatomy, This is Us, etc.

While it's an excellent podcast, I found myself frustrated. There's a lot of good TV out there and none of the shows mentioned fall into that category. They also said that they had heard a fall TV preview episode from The Popcast and they weren't familiar with most of the shows so they did their own preview.

I listened to The Popcast one: they talked about a lot of good shows. I was in a lot of agreement with them, actually.

I also decided I'd write my own preview, in case you're more like me.

Note: There are no links because I'm knee-deep in paper-grading. But you have probably heard of all of these anyway. 

Also, FAIR WARNING...I am an absolute TV snob. I like what I like and I hate what I hate. Time is precious when you're sitting in front of a screen. No offense is intended. These are just opinions. Also, I'd check out those two podcast recaps I linked to above ^ to get more opinions :)

Shows I'm excited for:

Stranger Things. End of October. Scott and I both liked the first season a lot.

Shameless. This is absolutely written in my planner for November 5th. I would classify this in my top 5 shows ever. I'm invested.

Riverdale. I kind of hate that I like this show so much. I binged the whole first season in two days in May. With season one, the CW released the episodes week by week onto Netflix as they aired. It comes back October 11th.

Shows I'm on the fence with:

Jane the Virgin. I don't know. I hate time jumps. I get the why but how they execute it is not always ideal. I don't think it's as likable as it was that first season but I'll try it again.

Once Upon a Time. All the eyerolls. Jennifer Morrison, Josh Dallas, and Ginnifer Goodwin all left the show. They are trying to time jump to an adult version of Henry. I will watch (I think it's the last season but they may drag this dead animal along for a bit never know). I do need to finish the last season on Netflix first. I just can't with the Aladdin stuff. Emilie de Ravin and others have also left the show (or been written out), so it seems like an entire re-working of things. 
It comes back October 6th, in the Friday night death slot (where shows go to die).
Also, Gareth will be playing adult Henry. Fascinating, right? (google it)

New shows:

Ghosted. I love Adam Scott. Craig Robertson is funny too. 

10 Days in the Valley. This is being talked about and maybe it'll be worth it. I prefer drama so I'll try it. 

Shows I will not watch:

This is Us. Otherwise known as This is the worst. I tried last year and couldn't do it. I had major FOMO about it so I think I tried twice. Mandy Moore voicing over the previews is the worst. I literally could not care less about this show. I have very strong feelings about trying to convince people they should watch other things instead though. 
(You better believe I googled how did jack die? and my answer was that it wasn't even completely resolved in episode one? I think.)

Young Sheldon. The Big Bang Theory came out when I was in college. I don't know why people still watch it. It's not funny once you get past one or two seasons. It's tired. It makes money, I'm convinced, because it comes on after the news and people just forget that their TVs are on, so it gets decent ratings. Why there needs to be a spin-off is something I will never understand. 
In my TV snobbery opinion, there are people who watch CBS and there are people who watch decent TV. You can't be both. 

Outlander. I wish I liked this. I didn't like the book. I don't find myself drawn to the cast. You know how sometimes you just love/like an actor and will watch anything they're in? That doesn't apply to me here. I can't get into the story. 

Grey's Anatomy. How long will this go on? I will say that I was a fan from day one and I watched the pilot in January 2005. I kept up with it for a few years and then it just got old and weird and tired. I think I quit when Katherine Heigl left. Somehow it's still in existence but I don't know why or how. Meredith is the actual worst. Probably the worst female character written in recent years because she's needy and petty and wishy-washy and just overall unnecessary. 

What will you be watching this fall?

Whether we have the same taste in TV or not, you should check out the #GreatPumpkinSwap. Because *everyone* loves fall. 


  1. so i watched the first epi of The Good Doctor and .... meh. that was disappointing so i'm going to give it 4 more episodes (which is a lot for me) because i really like Freddie Highmore. Good Doctor is the only show i was excited about for this fall season so it better come through!

  2. I really like Shameless, but I haven't ever watched a full season. I don't have Showtime. I really need to just go back and watch it via Netflix or something. Honestly, I'm bad at watching TV - I just don't focus enough or I'm preoccupied with other things. I really like comedies though like Speechless. I watched The Good Doctor Monday and I really enjoyed it, so I'm sure I'll keep watching that.


    1. Speechless is actually pretty funny. I liked American Housewife and The Goldbergs too, but don't know how well I'll keep up with them this year.
      You should definitely spend some time with Shameless on Netflix.

  3. I'm going to give good doctor a try. I'm excited for will & Grace to make a comeback.

    This is us did not fully answer the jack question in episode 1.

    As for Grey's I never watch solidly from the get go, I picked it up after the plane crash and gave been watching ever since...and who knows how long it'll go on, and on and on

  4. I love me some Jane the Virgin just because it reminds me of Ugly Betty & I adored that show.
    WHATTTTTT?? No This is Us for you? I love that show... I'm probably going to jet once Jack is done with the show though. Milo is everythinggggggg.
    STRANGER THINGS... I am counting down!!!

  5. I agree with everything except your Outlander assessment ;) but I loved the Outlander books (got me through a deployment) so I have a fond attachment to the entire series.

    I haven't delved into This Is Us. I just don't care to!

  6. I'm a Big Bang Theory Fan! I enjoy the humor but I can understand those who don't like it either.

  7. Im going to try to get into this is us after countless recommendations. So among the other shows I really cant wait to get back, I'm excited to binge and then watch that in real time.

  8. Mr. Gold has always been a top favorite character on Once Upon a Time for me, so I'm glad he's one of the few returning! I'll definitely be watching OUAT, but that's probably all for current shows. Angel and I are slowly making our way through old seasons of Suits, which kind of cracks me up because now we try to talk to each other like we know about law stuff (and we don't).

  9. Ha! I love most of what you don't watch. I rarely ever watch new shows because it used to be that every time I loved a new one it was cancelled. I give everything at least a season before I get on board. I think I hold on to Grey's because it's almost like a soap opera to me. I get so involved in these people that I can't abandon them. Plus my SIL and I have the best time texting about it.

  10. I'm so disappointed about Once Upon a Time. I'll have to tune in to see how they manage this with major characters leaving. But it just won't be the same. I do LOVE Hook, though, but I'm not sure he'll be enough.

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