April 5, 2017

That in which DirecTV is the worst

I know. You'll tell me to just get rid of it. But that's not what this post is about. This post is about how much I hate DirecTV and, when we move in a few years, we'll eventually get rid of them. So shake your heads and tell me "I told you so" if you want, but we have it for now. This is just the latest in how much they are not good at what they do, so tell your friends not to get DirecTV.

I ordered a movie, much like I did last week when we watched Passengers.

The movie never came through on the DVR. So I "chatted" to complain.

They actually charged me twice for a movie I didn't get to watch once. And the language barrier here loses a lot in translation.  

He never answered my questions about what to do and what went wrong and what I can do to prevent this from happening again. 

At this point, I just cut it short and resolved to call later if the refund wasn't given. Last summer, when I called to cancel DirecTV (that was short-lived for a few reasons), the person they had call me back to persuade me to re-join spoke perfect English and was very good on the phone. It was like haggling with a car salesman (I re-joined because she gave me a hefty discount and I'll pay $40 a month for DirecTV, instead of the $75 I was previously). 
I can see that they do not use their best people for day-to-day operations. 

Then I got an email with my refund notification. 

The result is that we still haven't seen Arrival. I really hate DirecTV. But Comcast is worse, and that's the only other option. 
This might be the ultimate in 1st world problems. 

However, the movie magically (and for free!) popped up on the DVR on Monday night. We watched it last night. 
I admit: It wasn't that good. Did you see it? I saw shades of Inception happening there. And I was very concerned about the fact that squids probably can't steer (or build) spaceships. 


  1. This sounds like such a frustrating situation!!! I hope it improves in the future. We saw Arrival; I liked it, but it wasn't really what I was expecting and didn't hold my interest too intensely. My mom interpreted it quite differently than I did so I guess there was some metaphorical type stuff in there that went way over my head. lol.

  2. Yes, I've seen Arrival. I wasn't that impressed. I have DirecTV and I've had DISH in the past. Customer service with both, from what I remember, are equally frustrating.

  3. I hate DirecTV and their monopoly over their equipment. We had a remote stop working and they wanted us to pay for a service call to get it fixed...? No, how about you mail me a new remote and I'll send you the crappy one? But, as I think we have discussed, my husband HAS to have Sunday Ticket as a NY Giants fan in TX and my FIL's development doesn't allow satellite dishes, so he has to have online access to our account. I'm in their clutches as long as they're tied to the NFL. I feel ya!

  4. It is totally a 1st world problem but girllll I feel your pain. We have cable with Spectrum (I think that's the name now) & its HORRIBLE. $210 a month... for a bunch of nothing... we were thinking of trying Direct TV. I dont think there's one good company out there.

  5. On a scale of cool customers from 1 to 5...GIVE ME A BREAK. I can't stand unhelpful customer service reps who are fake-nice with their compliments hoping to smooth things over. I'd rather they be rude but fix the problem.

  6. We have Verizon. I loathe them but not as much as Comcast and they're way better than the only other option we have around here. DirecTV was never on our radar as a possibility so I guess that's good for us.

  7. Wasn't happy with arrival either but I did like passengers.

  8. That stinks! I have Comcast, so the other evil! I wanted to see Arrival, but maybe I'll take a pass on it now!

  9. Ugh so frustrating!!! That would make me angry.


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