April 6, 2017

S&T 4/6 (What's new around here)

At least it's Thursday.

Scott has been steadily working on this shed. If we're going to finish our basement and turn it into real, usable living space, we need to get all of the tools out of it. The tools will go into the shed. 
The weather is supposed to be nice this weekend, so that'll be prime time to finish this thing. 

I asked if I could take this. He obliged and looked away.

I made this cake and I ate it for breakfast and for dinner the other day. I recommend the cake, but not as a meal replacement. It's incredibly moist..better than any other recipe I've tried...so if I were required to bake a chocolate cake for anything, I would use this recipe. I should note that my frosting was not vegan. I used butter.
Also, in the cake, I used canola oil because I was too lazy to melt coconut oil even though we did have some. And I used cake flour because I had it and this seemed like a good way to use it up. 

Getting there. 

Helpers, drinking water.

I really wanted to show you my new black flats but that didn't work because I didn't zoom out enough. 
Then the dogs got involved. 
Me, fruitlessly trying to get Jett to sit.

We had a snow day on Tuesday, which was just a blessing from above. 

I graded allthepapers from the last few weeks while the dogs slept. We all enjoyed four episodes of The Great British Baking Show. 

The fancier version of the picture that I put on Instagram. 

Stuff, Things, etc.

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  1. That shed loos huge! Wow. I can't believe he's building that. I was excited when I assembled a cart from Ikea...

  2. Your shed has nicer windows than my shore house. LOL

    That cake looks phenomenal.

  3. The shed looks awesome! I know it will be nice to have that.

  4. The shed is looking great!! Want to build me one next? You know, on all the land we have to spare...lol. But seriously having the tools out of the basement will be amazing.

    I've been told by someone else I need to try out that cake recipe too, and I really want to, but I never have applesauce on hand! Or I'll buy a jar for one recipe, forget about it after that, and then it molds in the back of my fridge.

  5. I've been watching GBBS too and all I can think about is cake and other desserts, haha. The cake you made looks delicious!

  6. That's a huge shed...and yay for snow days ;)

  7. Right now I'm in the mood for chocolate cake in lieu of a meal...

  8. wow, that shed looks amazing! super fancy. and that cake... yum. i am not a baker and have no desire to really try, but i am all about eating cake for breakfast, lunch and dinner haha. why not.

  9. Lovin' all the doggie pics in this post!
    That shed pic also looks like you are showing off how blue the skies were that day.


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