January 4, 2017

Annual Hunting Trip

I use "annual", "hunting", and "trip" loosely. 
I rarely go hunting with Scott. He hunts at least once a week. The stars have to align in order for me to go along. I can't feel stressed out, or too busy, or even slightly unwell. I have to not be hungry and I have to be hydrated (but not too hydrated). This happens about 2-3 times a year, but since 2016 was a deployment year, I only went once. 
We went hunting for quail, which means I just walked along. 

The dogs have to wear rubber booties to protect their feet from the cactuses (cacti?). 

Scout is too fast for me to get a picture. 

^Hunting down a bird after it's been shot.. 


  1. What a fun time together! :) The pups look so happy!

  2. Where were you that it was SO flat!?

  3. I feel the same about fishing with my husband. But since this is a deployment year, I will probably go once :) lol. It's so good to have him home though, huh?

  4. You sure do take pretty pictures while "hunting".


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