December 2, 2016

Friday Phone Photos

Just a few pictures I took this week.

It's been a tiring one. We're also in a huge season of waiting when it comes to the army and what's next (spoiler alert: we don't know what's next) so unsettled is becoming the day-to-day feeling.

The dogs went hunting last weekend. It was windy.

And then there's a dead bird in the house (Jett's retrieved kill).

Jett started destroying this pillow (he got in so much trouble) and then Scout finished the job.

I started The Secret Keeper. It's taking some time to get into, but I think I like it better than The Lake House. 

A professor I had in college said this in an article last this week. "Teacher exodus" is right. There's no incentive to stay in the field, other than loving what you do. 

Lastly, I get so frustrated with my day-to-day routine simply because I haul all this to work. Scott told me to buy a gallon jug (the water at my workplace is borderline undrinkable so I take my own), but I finally just bought a 48 oz Nalgene. That might help. I'm sooooo tired of filling up water bottles before I leave the house in the morning. I thought about keeping bottled water at work, but it just seems wasteful.  (Right?)


  1. The first photo is a framer. I love it. The pillow one makes me laugh though!

  2. At least its pillow stuffing all over your bed & not the bird stuffing ;)

  3. 1) I really liked The Lake House, so it sounds like I need to add The Secret Keeper to my list.

    2) Teacher Exodus is exactly right. I can't even tell you how many times a week I day dream about what it would be like to do something else....

    3) I don't love the water at school, but I don't think it will kill me. I just hate carrying a bottle that won't fit in my lunch bag....

  4. I've read both The Lake House and The Secret Keeper, and I definitely liked the latter a little bit better. Both were good, but the ending to the first one was a

    SO true about teachers. I mean, I'm not one, but I witness the crap my sister deals with, and the only reason she does it is because she loves her kids. Otherwise, I guarantee she'd be doing something else.

    What about buying a Brita filter pitcher or something that you can fill? The water at my job isn't undrinkable but it's definitely not the best, and we keep a Brita water dispenser in the refrigerator for people to use. It helps quite a bit.

  5. Buy a huge pkg of bottle water for work. That's what I do!

  6. That first photo is priceless! It really is a favorite of mine.

  7. oh that sucks about the water at your work. i have a bottle that i refill during the day, but if you aren't able to do that, that be the worst. we buy bottled water for work, a case of 24 and we go through one a day. we only have like 15-20 people in my office. i think it's super wasteful personally, like every now and again no biggie but every day multiple throwaway bottles? you could get one of those huge ridiculous 100 oz thingys? i actually like the idea of that.


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