December 5, 2016


I'll be honest: I got really upset when I realized it was only a two-day weekend.

The dogs went hunting:

Because of the cactus...

the dogs have to wear rubber booties.

And I went shopping.

I got these slippers for less than $10 at Costco. They are amazing. I should've bought two pairs.

And then I came across a link that led me to Ulta's website and saw that the Smoky Naked Palette was 50% off yesterday. I was intrigued. I always said I would never pay $54 for one of these, but 50% off seemed like a bargain. Since Ulta is near Costco, I just stopped on my way. I asked the salesperson if the palettes were 50% off and she said she didn't know anything about that. Then I looked 3 feet away and saw a giant sign that said "SMOKY NAKED PALETTE 50% OFF". 

I almost told her she was an idiot and I *almost* complained about her at the register. But I didn't. I just bought my $27 worth of fancy eyeshadow and told Scott he could wrap it up for Christmas. 

We watched Penn State win the Big Ten.

We watched the Steelers win too. Victories all around.

I also made these cookies for the FRG. I made them last year and they were amazing...will be a yearly Christmas cookie from here on out.

I also made this Chicken Lo Mein and it was good too. 

And here's motivation for Monday:

I've been reading Daring Greatly and Rising Strong and what I'm getting is that up there ^. Brown says it and when I see "hustle", I think "facade". Perfectionism is a busy way of putting up a facade. 

So here's to cutting back on the hustle on this Monday. 


  1. Pretty funny how you figured out the eyeshadow was on sale before the salesperson did...interesting how that works.

  2. Those booties for the dogs are fantastic!! And what a great deal for the shadow palette! I got mine with a gift card, and the colors really are amazing!

    Meg, Borrowed Heaven

  3. I still have yet to buy a Naked palette - I feel cheap on certain things, and that is one of them. I did buy an Urban Decay one that was not the Naked for like $30 and I love it, so I don't know what my hesitation is - ha. Costco is dangerous for me. I can spend so much time there!

  4. I love Urban Decay eyeshadow, but I use two colors. I've gotten rid of my palettes.

  5. The lo mein recipe looks really good. I've been searching for new recipes lately.

    Steph gave me her Naked palette. It makes me happy.

  6. Oh my goodness that first photo is priceless!

  7. I love costco slippers, I have a pair of the slip on ones that I got last Christmas and they have held up so well!

  8. Oh I cried this am when it was Monday...but 12 days until break!!!

    How do the dogs do with those booties? I jokingly told my dad his dog needed some for the rocks at his job sites but he said firmly his dog wouldn't wear shoes...but then again Frisco would probably eat them anyway!

  9. I love my original Naked palette! I actually bought a palette by Coastal Scents recently (the smoky version) that is supposed to be a really close knock off of the UD Smoky palette. It was like $15 and while the quality probably isn't the same, it's still great. I like it because I never use glitter eyeshadows and UD always throws in several of those. BUT for 50% off, who cares if you don't use half of the shadows in there?

    Those Costco slippers look WARM!

  10. Those are slippers? I'd wear those out with jeans :)

  11. I never thought of that dogs having to wear boots around catus'. I haven't been around many catus'. Those slippers are really cute. I saw the smokey palette sale.

  12. I pretty much thought the same thing about this weekend. We have two full weeks and a four day week before Christmas break. And thanks to Christmas being on a Sunday, our break sucks.

  13. I have a slight obsession with eye palettes, so they've become a go-to request that I give my mother. She often comes through with those purchases, and I am certainly appreciative.
    I love the dogs' booties. I love your slippers. And, I love a good football weekend. So, I'd pretty much loved your weekend.

  14. oh my goodness the dogs and their rubber booties. and your slippers! i always need new slippers so i'm going to see if my coscto has them and ask KC to buy them for me (since i'm not shopping lol). the lady at ulta.. face palm. i'm glad i missed that sale, because of the whole not shopping, but also because i have the naked 3 that i got... 2 years ago? maybe? and it still looks brand new, and i've used it several times.


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