December 1, 2016

Confessions and things (S&T 12/1)

+I don't like Gilmore Girls.

Now that I have your attention...

+I also don't like tacos that much.
Sure, I'll eat them. But I will not actively seek them out.

+I (we) am (are) the worst pet owner(s).
We never sent in Jett's AKC registration paperwork. He's 2 1/2 years old.
When I found this paperwork a month or so ago, I decided to fill it out and send it in. I realized, since it required a signature, that I would, in fact, have to be Jett's owner.

I was just coming to terms with that fact when I realized you were required to list a co-owner and Scott might as well be on the paperwork too, and that also needed a signature. I decided to just wait and Scott could sign it himself.

+I'm a believer in vitamins, supplements, and protein shakes. However, I refuse to shop at GNC because I know someone who works there and this person is a terrible person. It may seem petty because it is.
(I hope the people from GNC see this.)

+We were reading a story about a snake a few weeks ago. A kid said, "I saw a snake like that!". I thought, I blew several snakes like that apart with a shotgun over the summer. I just smiled.

+I've read so many blog posts and informative pieces about bullet journaling that, frankly, it's embarrassing. The more I read, the more I'm convinced that it is absolutely, 100% not for me. But I still like to read about it.

+We were learning about the Civil War and a kid asked me if I was alive at the time of slavery. I didn't even bother to present the impossibility of this (because, really now, he asked the question in the first place). I just said no.

Stuff, Things, etc.

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  1. You know from my twitter post, I've never watched Gilmore Girls either.
    Good for you for reading those posts about bullet journals. I haven't even read them because I know it's something I'm not going to do.
    That last one...well, I had a kid on my caseload when I worked at a juvenile prison. He told me that a history book said that slave owners used to give slaves their last name. He and I had the same last name. He decided to excitedly say "Ms. Gray, your people could've owned my people." I told him "I don't think that's a good thing" and changed topics.

  2. I tried bullet journaling for like... two days. Didn't work. I've watched all of Gilmore Girls, but I'm not an obsessed fan, it's not my favorite show. But tacos... those are good :P

  3. I don't even know what bullet journaling is...clearly I need to read this link in your post about it. Haha. I love Gilmore Girls! I watched it when it aired the first time though, so I am a fan for life. But if you never watched it, I could see how now it wouldn't be for you, either.

  4. i have never seen gilmore girls ..... and i have never even been interested in watching it, either. as in it seems kinda boring? did i spew blogland blasphemy?? LOL

  5. I have a good for you, not for me post that is probably going up tomorrow and two of these things are on it. LOL

  6. I couldn't help but laugh out loud about the were you alive during the Civil War question. I get similar ones... Out of the mouths of babes. LOL!

  7. I don't get Gilmore Girls, I've watched a few episodes but to me it's a lot of whiney girls and I would rather watch almost anything else. About a year ago after watching too many Bullet Journal videos and reading too many tutorials I decided that was the method for me! After a month I realized it most certainly was not the method for me. I need my organizational system to be organized and Bullet Journalling felt chaotic and confusing. I still think they look pretty though.

  8. I have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to bullet journaling... & yet, I just bought another Erin Condren planner.
    I do that same thing about businesses based on people that work there :)

  9. I don't like Gilmore Girls, either. I tried to watch it on several occasions and I just don't find it as brilliant as most people seem to. Plus, I have a hard time with shows where teens talk like they're witty adults. (I had the same problem trying to watch Dawson's Creek once upon a time.)

    I don't know what bullet journaling is...time to read that article you posted, I suppose!

    I like making tacos at home, hate paying for them at restaurants.

  10. I've never seen Gilmore Girls and have no plans to.

    I want to bullet journal but I recognize I'm way too lazy to ever actually do it.

  11. You just knocked two of my favorite things with your first two points! What about burritos?

    I remember talking about the civil war and slavery in middle school and one of my friends asked if I would be sold as a slave because I'm brown. It was really awkward lol.

  12. You know my thoughts on Gilmore Girls haha.

  13. I never saw Gilmore Girls when it was actually airing, but after I finished Gossip Girl, I think, I needed another show to binge watch, and I gave Gilmore Girls a try. I do actually like it. I also like binge watching shows on Netflix....

    Don't you just love when kids ask crazy off-the wall questions. I hate the saying "There's no such thing as a stupid question." Because there is. I know people say that to encourage kids not to be afraid to ask for help. But there ARE stupid questions, and "Were you alive during the Civil War?" is one of them.


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