November 30, 2016

Pinned.Did.Done 11/30

The background to these Pinned, Did, Done posts is that I treat my Pinterest a lot like a to-do list and I don't pin a recipe or tip without the intention of actually trying it. Here's what I've done since the last (long, long ago) post.

Ways to make and freeze winter squash. I did this in July when I got an acorn squash from the local co-op. It worked and the cubes are still in the freezer, waiting to be added to soups and stews. (Pin)

Napa Valley Chicken. This was good. Really, really good. I didn't have any white wine opened, so I just used chicken broth for all of the liquid. I dredged the chicken in a mixture of flour and breadcrumbs (because they were right there) instead of just flour. Also, I put it over couscous instead of rice. (Pin)

I needed something quick to take to a potluck and had always wanted to try the claim that pumpkin+cake or brownie mix is good. These 2-Ingredient Pumpkin Brownies were okay. They were very gooey and very pumpkin-y. I topped them with my own homemade cream cheese frosting so that made them better. I believe that the frosting is the best part of any cake or brownie anyway. I still prefer an actual pumpkin brownie recipe (which doesn't have the intense pumpkin flavor), but these are fine in a pinch. I'm not a huge pumpkin fan, so if you are these are good for you. (Pin)

Cleaning a coffeepot. I was kind of shocked that this worked. However, you do actually have to wipe down the coffeepot and kind of scrub the inside to get the full effect. Just letting the mixture soak and then rinsing doesn't clean it. It does loosen all of the grime and staining and makes it very easy to wipe out. (Pin)

These mini cheesecakes came out beautifully. I had never made cheesecake before. I made the caramel sauce listed at the bottom of the recipe to go with them, and then I toasted some pecans and mixed them in with the caramel sauce. Since I topped the cupcakes with this, I got my pecan pie cheesecake without having to make a gigantic actual cheesecake. (Pin)

30 Minute Dinner Rolls.  These were easy enough to make but sometimes I can't tell if baking in Colorado is off because of the altitude or if it's me. I use the convection feature on my oven because I've done some experimenting and found that convection will negate the altitude. If I use "convention", I have to adjust the recipe a little and/or things fall flat.  These rolls were heavy and biscuit-like. They tasted good, but I was interested in something light and fluffy so I may try another recipe for Christmas. (Pin)

What have you Pinned and (actually) done lately?

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  1. Thanks for these, looking for some new slow cooker dinner recipes and the chicken one looks great. Pinned!

  2. i clean my entire coffee machine (internal deep cleanse, change filter, scrub pot etc) once a month...keeps the coffee tasting much better and i'm all about good tasting coffee :)

  3. I go through phases where I'm really intentional about the things I'm pinning-- and then sometimes I forget about stuff for months, so this is a great post idea to help stay accountable! I always love new chicken recipes so I'm going to check out the napa valley chicken!

  4. That 30 minute roll recipe is right up my alley!

  5. This is great! I could definitely get into a post like this!

  6. I love any cleaning tip. I need to check out the coffee pot one.

  7. I have not been doing any pins. I am going to peruse some for recipes for next week.

  8. oh that chicken looks good...heck they all look good!


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