September 22, 2016

S&T 9/22

----TGIF...Thank God It's Fall. 

----Alright, who watched Coupled this summer? I was late to the game and watched it on Hulu last weekend.
It was intriguing.
If you haven't heard of it, it's a classier and less produced version of The Bachelor/ette or BIP. (Wait, is that a thing?)

-----I've been having some strongly opinionated thoughts lately. I don't know why this video is saying this is why we need Common Core. Common Core has led to this kind of coddling. The spoon-feeding is still happening, regardless of "common core", because it's still a test that's being taught to. Basically I agree with the video, but the title is not right.

-----I took this OCD test that I don't really feel was at all scientific. I don't know that I have these tendencies all that much. I think it would depend on who I was being compared to. (I do know that ending sentences with prepositions reallllly bothers me, but I do it all the time on this blog...but not in my actual profession.)

However, I clicked too fast on one of the questions and knew it was not the right answer and that kind of bothered me. I would never classify myself as a Type A/OCD afflicted person, but I know I have my tendencies.

---I saw this written by another Rodan+Fields consultant. It's SO true. This is my paraphrased version, but I can send you her exact words if you'd like to see the source of this analogy...

If a friend says they have a headache, and you have a stash of Tylenol in your purse, you offer them one. I do this at least once a week at work (uh, we get a lot of headaches). 
I would never just walk around with Tylenol, offering it for no reason. 
But if that friend says they have a skin issue...acne, rosacea, eczema, dark spots, lines, wrinkles, sun damage, etc...I'm going to offer them Rodan+Fields. 
It solves problems! I would never try to convince you that you *need* it. I try to share what it has done for me, what it has done for others, and what it can do for you. 

---I've been working on catching up on season 2 of Undisclosed. I gave up about halfway through season 1 because it got too in-depth and I don't love legal jargon. I also got burnt out on that case because I thought he was innocent and Scott thought he was guilty and I couldn't wrap my mind around that.
I like specifics, but I also like interesting, and it had stopped being interesting at some point.
Anyway. Season 2 is good. Give it a listen!

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  1. I got a friend's request from a friend of a friend's mother. She wanted me to be her Rodan + Fields contact in Australia. I politely told her if I was interested, I already knew someone that I'd connect with. :)
    I used to worry about ending sentences with prepositions. As seen above, I don't seem to be so worried about it anymore.

  2. That little animation is (sadly) hilarious. I, too, used to be bothered by the preposition at the end of sentence thing, but then I just thought, "Screw it.' LOL!

  3. I've never heard of Coupled. Sounds interesting - I can never get over the cheesiness of The Bachelor so I haven't seen a whole episode. That test seemed like a spot the differences test more than anything. I got a 100%, but I never want to stare at those things again haha.

  4. I couldn't even make it through the first episode of Undisclosed because they rambled so much. Hopefully in season two, they have become better speakers. My husband also thinks Adnan is guilty and I'm more on the innocent side - we have to just not talk about it.

  5. Fall is here fall is here. I love this season so.

  6. I am SO glad that it's fall!!!

  7. I tried listening to Undisclosed at work but I get busy and tune it out and then was really lost so I gave up, too. I'm confused, though, which season was the one about Bergdahl or was that a different podcast entirely? I thought that one was season 2...

    I hate prepositions at the ends of sentences too, but in casual writing like blog posts and emails, it's too hard to avoid and rewording sentences sounds too formal.

  8. I got 100% OCD as well which I don't think is accurate at all, and I didn't like the questions. Just because I can tell that a circle is in a different position than 2 others right next to it doesn't mean I'm OCD. TGIF(all) for sure, even though it's currently 84 degrees here.

  9. What's autumn? Its still hitting the high records of 90 degrees here...blech! We have friends who live in littleton and they came out and it was a sweaty mess and they're like "i'm ready to go back to no humidity"

  10. Glad you're liking Season 2!! I think the other thing about Season 1 is that people started listening to Undisclosed because they were already familiar with Adnon's case. They didn't have to explain much about the back story. But here, they actually have to tell the WHOLE story. So while they are focusing on legal aspects of the case, it's not quite as nitty gritty as the first season.

  11. The Bachelor podcast I listen to (Here to Make Friends -- it's awesome) mentioned Coupled and had one of the couples on recently. I might need to check it out on Hulu.

    I'm also glad it's fall although it certainly doesn't feel like fall here -- 80s and humid. Blech. I'm ready to wear boots and sweaters.


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