August 4, 2016

Stuff and Things.

I think I'm going to keep up with posting a weekly list of stuff and things. There's no link-up, but it's such a Thursday thing to do, making a list of thoughts.

1. I did the incline again this week, by myself. 47 minutes. For some reason I had to do it for time to prove to myself that I had the ability. Plus, it gave me something to do. It's easily a half-day project. 45 minute drive, 1 hour hike down the mountain after, etc.

2.  I made balsamic chicken this week.

3. So I could use my new spiralizer for zucchini.

4. My computer is still set to Anchorage for weather I guess. I saw this the other day. I got very sad that it's 95 degrees here. It's come full circle. I miss Alaska weather.

5. I parallel parked in downtown Denver last week, right across the the street from Union Station. I've never been so proud. 

6. I made this handy-dandy sign to hang up at school. You think explicitness is a joke...until it's not. 

I hold onto all of the mini erasers. They are toys more than they are tools. 

And if we're being honest, I printed three of these signs and hung them in various locations.


  1. I haven't parallel parked once since living here. I'm not sure I could do it even if I tried. In fact, I think my fear would stop my from trying at this point.

  2. 1) Beast mode!!
    3) I've literally been eyeing spiralizers for weeks trying to decide which one to get. Would you recommend that one? Is it fairly small? I need drawer sized, not counter/cabinet sized.
    5) I loathe parallel parking. I will drive around town for 10 minutes waiting for a spot to open up and/or walk 10 minutes to avoid it.
    6) Looks like the kinds of signs I have to hang occasionally for coworkers.

  3. I took a picture the other day of the car after I parallel parked it. It was literally the first time since my drivers test that I had to parallel park. Which is like 16 years ago now.

  4. I hate parallel parking and I have to do it at least once a day.

    The incline is awesome exercise too!

  5. Ah, parallel parking! I hated parallel parking until I moved off campus at college. Parking was a nightmare and the town had a ton of one way streets. The first year or so, I'd only parallel park on the right side of the street, but by the second year I was over the endless circling and being late for things, so I jumped in and learned how to parallel park on the left side. Once upon a time, I could parallel park like a champ! Sadly, I don't use my parallel parking skills much anymore, so I am admittedly rusty. But, now I drive a Mini Cooper and I can usually just zip right in to a spot!

    Love the visual reminder! I hope it works for you! You will have to keep us updated.

  6. Don't blame you one bit on the pencil situation. Ugh!

  7. The struggles of a teacher, huh?
    I'm always amazed at kids that come to school without materials OBVIOUSLY needed. I was the nerd that had like 15 pens & pencils in case I lost one.

  8. People just don't understand how explicit you need to be with kids until they've been in a teacher's shoes. Haha Great sign!!

  9. Parallel parking terrifies me haha!

  10. you go on your parallel parking! i haven't done it since i moved here :-| there is just never a need here, but there always was at home. and now i have a driving test in less than 30 days and need to make sure i remember how!


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