August 7, 2016

Things I would show you if I ever remembered to use Instagram

I bought a romper. I don't know where I'll wear it (I go nowhere), but it was $15 and that was my cut-off for a trendy piece. 

Went to the DMV to renew my registration.

This is why I don't buy a nice Pilates mat. Jett likes to lay on it and chew on toys while I do Pilates. 

Got a new watch battery. I've been putting this off since February. 

New audiobook. Really good. Her books are so reliable. There's few things better than a good story narrated by Caroline Lee. 

I've been watching season 5 of Shameless. It's not on Netflix, so I bought the DVDs for $12 on Amazon. Completely worth it. 
Every time Jimmy shows up again, my heart skips a beat. I love him. 

Carl: Your husband-guy's at the front door. 


I'd rather blog than post on IG. Is that weird?


  1. I just finished that book last night. It's the second book I've read by her and I really like her.

  2. OH! And, I love that romper! I bought a romper a few months ago. I loved it, but ended up taking it back because I knew I'd never really wear it.

  3. I am loving that romper!!! Super cute!

  4. Love the romper! Someday when I live somewhere warm enough for shorts I plan to buy a few.

    Adding Shameless to my queue...

    CO doesn't let you renew your registration online??

  5. Super cute romper!! I want one, but I haven't found one that fits right yet. Although, I will say, I haven't really tried on that many. Haha

  6. Shameless! I started watching that then stopped.

  7. Good old Jimmy Steve! Is this the season with the very interesting Kevin and V storyline? That made me simultaneously laugh and cringe the WHOLE season...

  8. oh yay i am glad you are liking tuly madly guilty, i have heard mixed things.
    i love instagram, but not for everything. i like my blog for most things - like shopping or reading or complaining about cats on the yoga mat. i feel your pain! the romper is super cute as well.

  9. I miss the old instagram--the random little snippets of life. Loved this post friend (and the romper!)

  10. Alright. My "expert" advice needs to be given. My husband is a jeweler and a watch maker. Don't let your watches sit with a dead battery in them for months. The old battery can corrode and ruin your watch. That's my helpful hint for the day. (I didn't know this until I met my husband)

    That romper is all kinds of adorable on you.

  11. I just saw "truly madly guilty" in Target and I wanted to get it but wasn't sure. I always look for book recommendations but I might have to see if my library has it so I can read it without having to buy it off of amazon.


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