February 18, 2016

Some confessions... (S&T 2/18)

Stuff, Things, etc.

Someone told me I looked like a contestant on The Bachelor. I've only ever watched one season of the show (uhhh 2010?) and so I immediately had to turn it on. Now I'm more or less hooked.  Sadly.
I love kicking the hardened snow off of the underside of cars/trucks.  Sometimes I do it to random vehicles in parking lots. But not often because I'm afraid of setting off an alarm.

Just seeing a screen on a computer or device in which I need to type a username and password stresses me out.  Especially if it's not saved or autofill or whatever.  I have dozens of passwords at school. I have dozens of passwords at home.  I CAN'T REMEMBER THEM ALL.  And I do write them down and then I lose the paper or something.  Or I change them and FORGET to change them on the paper and then I'm lost.  Also, my computers (I have two) at school log me out every 15 minutes.  So in order to keep instruction flowing, I'm typing in my password(s) every 15 minutes. Another example: I have two Apple IDs. One at home and one at school, and I CAN NEVER REMEMBER WHAT THEY ARE.  (And when you go to the Apple Store and don't know your Apple ID, they act like you just forgot your address and we should all really just get our Apple IDs tattooed to the inside of our wrists.)


Our ice maker broke over a year ago, so Scott fixed it with some gorilla glue and then, last summer, it broke again.  So we've just gone without ice ever since. This wasn't a huge imposition because we don't really use ice but it was always an annoyance in the back of my mind. When a friend was over and asked for ice water, I realized this was a problem that needed to go on the to-do list.
Then, I realized I could just buy some ice cube trays.

I get a lot of requests from acquaintances to see "the unicorn picture". I was out the other night with a few co-workers and one had seen the unicorn several times and another had seen it once and they had told the other about it...she wanted to see it too.  So I had to scroll through my blog on my phone to find it.  It would be much easier to just keep some kind of bookmark on my phone that links directly to the post, right?


Speaking of people, I'm a Nick in the grand scheme of things.


I've taken to buying random things I need online. Much better than leaving the house.

Any (stuff and) things to confess?


  1. Girl, take comfort in knowing that you are not the only one who orders random things from Amazon. A package was delivered a few days ago and in it were 4 Burt's Bees chapsticks. 4! Nothing else. I had one left (I like to keep several stocked up because I've been known to lose them or wash them accidentally in the laundry), I had no plans to go to Walmart or Target anytime soon, so I ordered some on Amazon. Easy peasy and cheaper, too. With Amazon Prime free shipping, this is becoming more and more of the norm for me!

  2. That is frequently what my Amazon cart looks like. This month I haven't bought much because one of my wallet watch thing was no Amazon ordering...that has been the most painful thing.

    I love to kick the hard snow off from under cars too and will totally do it to cars next to me in the train station parking lot.

  3. I am all abut buying random things online haha, the closet Target is an hour away so Amazon has become my best friend.

  4. Which girl on Bachelor? Lauren?? Because now that you said that, I can kinda see it.

    We had to use ice cube trays forever and I got tired of filling them up and waiting for them to freeze. So when the fridge gave out, I rejoiced because I told Keith we would get one with an ice maker, ha! I love that thing!!

  5. I buy random things online all the time just to avoid going and dealing with people. Haha.

    Also, I have a notebook dedicated to log ins and passwords just because of everything you said earlier. I HATE WHEN THEY LOG ME OUT!

  6. Haha! I love that you realized you could just buy ice cube trays....and then your random online list has ice cube trays.

    Totally amused me. :)

  7. I have to write down all my passwords as well. It sucks.

    I use Amazon a lot. I have found my tolerance for people is starting to shrink so sometimes going to the store is not my idea of fun.


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