July 24, 2014

Stuff and Things 7/24

I started watching The Vampire Diaries.  It's so bad it's….bad.  I just can't get into it, but I keep watching because I need to have some kind of background noise on while I paint and sort and redecorate.  I feel bad for Scott…while we were working on things over the weekend, we made it through 10 or so episodes.  He'd stop every so often, watch the screen, and ask, "What is….oh, never mind" and go back to work.

Along the same lines:  What show should I be watching?  Please help.  I'm bored.

Months ago, when our friend Rachel was staying with us in Missouri, she introduced me to this popcorn.  Since then, I've gone through at least 1 bag a week.  It doesn't help that we don't have a microwave, so I can't even make all the regular popcorn that's hanging out in the cupboard.  I just keep buying bag after bag of pre-popped popcorn.

Hey, Popcorn Indiana, if you'd like someone to test and/or sell your products, please let me know.

Progress is being made in the unicorn room.  Here's what it looked like when we moved in…

One closet, two doors.

What nightmares are made of… (Sorry, that was mean)

Answer:  All hand-painted
Question:  Wha…?

I mean, at least it won't look any worse.

Nope, no "after pictures" yet.  Still chugging away…

I found a nail salon.  For weeks, I've looked up reviews for pedicures around the area and the only place I could find with good reviews was $50 for a pedicure.  That's kind of a lot.  Well, not kind of.  It IS a lot.  And I didn't want to pay $25-35 for a bad experience.  I had one of those bad experiences back in May-ish in St. Robert (Spa Nails…I got a gift certificate for the place at school and it was *quite* ghettoish and they weren't gentle on the feet.)
When we were eating at Pho and Grill on Saturday night, I noticed a nail place right next door.

Envy Nails and Spa on the left, Pho and Grill on the right.  

I'm a sucker for convenience and, for me, knowing how to get to the place is half the battle.  Plus it said Walk-ins Welcome.  I also hate making appointments, so I randomly showed up at 1pm on Tuesday.  I got right in!  It was clean, they had a huge selection of all the great nail polish brands, and it was surprisingly crowded for the time of day.

$25 for a basic pedicure and I added the callous removing option because, well, I needed it.  So $30 plus tip and I was there for over an hour and they were working on me the whole time.  I didn't have to sit around and wait at all.  I'm pretty thrilled that I found a nail place, even though I only go a couple of times a year. Envy Nails and Spa.  I recommend it.


  1. I can see why you don't like the way the room was decorated, but... I would totally be the kind of person to hand paint a room! It's so different!

    And I have to confess, my family did a "clean sweep" for my sister once, and after we cleared out most of her stuff, we replaced it with jungle themed items. The walls had vines and jungle plants. It was tacky, but so much fun!

  2. Hemlock Grove!!!!!! Even my 11 year old likes it!! If you like TWD... you will like this! I promise!

    Hey! That's Aurora! How neat is that!! Teagan would totally love that!

    And now I want kettlekorn and a pedi. DAMMIT JIM!

  3. That unicorn room is...something... Wow

    I haven't tried that popcorn, but I love popcorn, so I either should or shouldn't if it's going to make me crave it. hahaha

    Congratulations on finding a nail salon! It's a big thing.

  4. The unicorn room...that's just...wow.

    It stinks finding a new nail place. Glad you found one!

  5. WHO HAS THAT KIND OF TIME??? Re: that room. I can't believe that's even a real thing! Haha! I desperately want to go get a pedicure. I haven't had one in ages. I can paint my own toes, but I want the whole experience, you know? I'm going to have nightmares about that room. No lie.

  6. I laughed at "kind of ghettoish", lol. The unicorn room is "interesting"?

  7. That unicorn room is going to give me nightmares! haha!

    Have you tried watching Orange Is The New black? It's so addicting. Scandal is also pretty good as is The Good Wife.

  8. Darn you...now I want popcorn and guess who has to go to the store this weekend! :)

  9. Isaiah and I have been watching Flashpoint for over a week...we're on Season 2 and we're LOVING it. It starts off kinda "meh, another cop show" but it really picks up and you really start getting into the characters. And I won't lie, there have been more than a few tearjerker episodes...and that's saying a lot because TV shows and movies do not make me cry. Like, hardly ever.

    I had a pedicure once...haha. I think if we lived somewhere where sandals were a sensible shoe choice I would probably go maybe once per summer. I've gotten pretty good at doing my own feet.

  10. I'm afraid that I don't have any TV suggestions for you. But I did start watching. Gossip Girl on Netflix yesterday. I'm enjoying it so far! Scott wasn't going to the gym yesterday, and I was going to go alone, but Gossip Girl won. (Plus, we got an amazing new mattress with an adjustable base, and that definitely didn't help things. Haha)

  11. Kyle got me a gift certificate for a manicure/pedicure at a new place. I hope it's good!

  12. Have you done Friday night lights or Revenge yet? FNL is amazing, Revenge is terrible but you will keep watching! And of course I watched TB this week.. what'd you think??

  13. Have you done Friday night lights or Revenge yet? FNL is amazing, Revenge is terrible but you will keep watching! And of course I watched TB this week.. what'd you think??

  14. Yay for new spa place! I need to go get my toes done.

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