July 23, 2014

Are you sick of Pinterest yet?

I'm really appalled at a lot of the stuff I find on Pinterest these days.  Just this morning, there was a "bubblegum slushy", s'mores every which way, and more diet ideas than you can shake a stick at.  Yesterday at the gym, someone said they'd seen this idea "on Pinterest" that was just genius.  I mean, "incredible!".  It was (are you ready for this?), mixing chocolate and marshmallow together and dipping your graham crackers into it.  It would eliminate so much mess, she said.  "Like…a…dip?", someone asked.  "YES! Like a dip!"  They all thought that was just the best thing ever.

These are the same people who thought I was the instructor after I told them I wasn't.

So, what we've all feared has finally happened:  the general population has found Pinterest and now everyday conversations will never be the same.  It only took 4-ish years.

Lately I've been using Pinterest to find decorating ideas.

An antiqued pantry door?

Teaching ideas.

That's not my classroom, but I plan on something similar.

And amusing things.
What not to do if you're a teacher

Maybe someday, I'll be lucky and stumble across that OMG-AMAZING dip recipe that those ladies were talking about.


  1. Oh, my gosh. That sort of thing (that conversation) is what makes me pretty much hate the general public. And poor, poor gabriel!! hahaha

  2. I actually don't get on pinterest that much anymore. I'll think about it but I'll find something else to do.

    That teacher should have made herself a puzzle piece, would have been even then ;)

  3. I typically search pinterest for something in particular or else I'm pinning from recipes I come across onto there to use it as my personal filing system.

    My pinterest peeve is when people say it came from pinterest. No, that's where you found it. Nothing originates on pinterest.

  4. I still try to visit pinterest but it has definitely lost its pizazz for me.

  5. I have never been a fan of pinterest! I have always thought that most of it is common sense stuff.

  6. Haha! :)

    I do love Pinterest for teaching ideas, outfits I'll probably never have, and random funny things. I have a hard time with my "home feed" on there, though. It no longer seems to be pins my Pinterest friends have pinned....it's just random. And it's FLOODED with teaching ideas that are much younger than the grade I teach now. I often just scroll through "popular" in the search section.

  7. My SIL's absolute favorite phrase is, "So I saw this cool thing on Pinterest..." MAKE IT STOP. Especially since it usually is 1) something I think is dumb, 2) something I think is ugly, or 3) something she wants me to make her. Pretty much the only thing I use Pinterest for these days is recipes, funny things, and secret Christmas lists for things I want to get Isaiah but won't remember when December rolls around.

  8. Hahah! I love using Pinterest, but now I will search for particular ideas. Oh and it has me following random people, which it claims it doesn't do, but they're liars.

    I did see someone ion a recipe for a meatball sub. I clicked it to see if it was something special. Nope, heat up some meatballs, marinara sauce, toast your bread, cover it with cheese and Voila! Meatball sub. I can't believe someone needed a pin for that!

  9. I use pinterest as a way to keep my recipes organized. Eventually, I want to have them as a hard copy, but for now they stay on the site. If I venture outside of food, well, I won't go there. There are things on that site that make me wonder what our priorities are these days.

  10. Hahaha can you imagine if that other lady just went home and onto Pinterest to find your dip??? That'd be hysterical. It's so funny you say this today, too... I just heard a long conversation at lunch about if it was Pinnerist or Interest with a P - seriously??!

  11. Well that conversation is both hilarious and ridiculous all at the same time. How did you keep a straight face?? I have found recently that I am not perusing Pinterest like I used to. I use it more for bookmarking my own ideas, but not necessarily looking at others' pins. It's interesting that you wrote this post today since I just noticed that change this morning. Great minds! :)
    ~Amanda from His and Her Hobbies

  12. I used Pinterest a lot a few years ago, then took a break and now I'm back to using it more often. I usually look there when I want to find a recipe for something or anything else I need help with. But I agree, it's not fun when things get to the public.

  13. Haha...almost every time I go to share something I'm doing in my classroom with coworkers I'm like "I saw this idea on Pinterest..." It's come to where they say before I get a chance something along the lines of "You saw that on Pinterest didn't you..." :)

  14. haha! Well, my MIL calls it "Pin Interest" so there's that.

  15. So I am probably going too deep here, but I feel like the awful movie (that people loved) Idiocracy is truly starting to happen. This post is a great example of it. I am on it a lot (like you right now for house stuff, can't escape!), but don't use it in convo with people. I diedddd laughing at your dip at the end; so awesome.

  16. Yup. Pinterest is everywhere now. Even people who don't use it know about it. I only use it for the things that you do. And for keeping ideas and such in one place so I don't forget about them. More like a bookmark toolbar, but with pictures :)

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