February 19, 2016

Chocolate Chip Cookies and Banana Bread

These are my 110% go-to recipes.  I know this because a few weeks ago, Scott told me we were going to someone's house for dinner. I asked what I could take, but wasn't going to listen to his answer because I had what I had in the house. There would be no one hour round trips to the store.  I made these chocolate chip cookies.  I know that they were delicious because the first person who tried them said How do you get them like this? and everyone devoured them.

My secret for cookies in 6,000 foot altitude: Omit the salt and and add 1 1/2 times the recommended baking soda.  My recipe calls for 1 teaspoon, so I do 1 1/2 teaspoons and take out the salt, because baking soda is salty (yes, this is a mistake I learned from).

Moving onto banana bread, I've had plenty of bread flops since we moved to a high altitude location. I've discovered that the solution for me is to use the "convection" setting on my oven. "Convention" flops bread. But if you use Bisquick for my banana bread recipe and live in high altitude, I would try adding a couple extra tablespoons of the Bisquick.  Also, I bake my "bread" in an 8x8 pan. Less cooking time and less chance of it sinking in the middle. Also, my Pyrex pan that I use has a lid and WHY DO LOAF PANS NOT COME WITH LIDS? I appreciate that I can store it all week without crumbs going everywhere or the bread drying out.

I made a pan of this recipe last week and Scott proclaimed it the best banana bread ever, which is a compliment because I make a lot of banana bread. It was definitely good.  I like peanut butter on it.

Just in case you're looking to do a little weekend baking! These are my favorite things to make.


  1. Ooooh those cookies look yummy! I love baking cookies so I'll have to give this recipe a try next time.

    Hollie | hollieshighlights.blogspot.co.uk

  2. I can try every recipe in the world and they still won't turn out like the pictures or what I tasted before. One day!!

  3. Those cookies look amazing. I love chewy in the middle, crispy on the outside chocolate chip cookies. Sadly, I can't eat Crisco, so I settle for browning the butter and underbaking them.

    I have a bunch of lemons I need to use up this week. I'm thinking Saturday lemon bars.

  4. Yum I love banana bread, even though I don't like bananas. We have a dodgy looking banana in the fridge so I think I know what tomorrow's baking task will be... I may try and work in the cookies as well because they look amazing. Two questions - what is Crisco?! And, do you think they'd do well with gluten free flour subbed in?


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