July 22, 2015

What do you do when something doesn't work?

This saying has been around for awhile, but I came across it on Pinterest and started reflecting on what it meant.

I didn't immediately start thinking about what Scott would do; I started thinking about what I do when the internet doesn't work.

I try to problem-solve.  I disconnect from wi-fi, I reconnect to wi-fi.  I don't want to get up to check the router/modem if I don't have to.

If it's not my laptop, I go to the router.  I make sure all the lights are on. If they're not, something is really wrong and I disconnect, wait 30 seconds, and reconnect.  While I'm waiting for lights to come back on, I usually load the dishwasher or something because staying busy is key in a situation like this.

If the lights don't come on, I call CenturyLink.

If the lights do come on properly, I try my laptop again.  If it does work, problem solved.

If it doesn't work, I try the router one more time.  Again, I might fold some clothes while I wait for the results because, say it with me, "staying busy is key in a situation like this".

If it still doesn't work, I call CenturyLink.  If it's before 8am, they're closed and I'm generally pretty annoyed but I try to go about my business because the internet will, I swear, come back on eventually.

So that's how I solve the problem: I go about a route to fixing it.  I literally drop everything to solve the problem.  I've found that this is what I do no matter the problem: paperwork issues, car problems, school issues, dog problems, etc.  I will find a way to fix it, and I won't rest until the world is back in proper order.

This happened with our cell phone signal booster last month.  The lights just didn't come on, which meant I had little to no cell phone service out here in the middle of nowhere.  I tried different methods of plugging it in and reseting it to figure out if it was the cord, the box, the outlet, etc.  I drove down to the mailbox and get phone service so I could call the company.  After 3 dropped calls, they said they'd send me a new cord.  I got the cord a week later and the booster worked again, so I now know the cord was just defective.  I spent 2 hours, at least, on this Saturday insistent on fixing the problem and I wouldn't rest until I had an answer of some sort.  When I get into these frenzies, the dogs are not happy with me: their playtime gets cut down drastically and I usually am just shoving them out of my way and I walk from place to place trying to fix whatever's wrong.

Anyway, that's a lot of information I just learned about myself from a Will Ferrell quote.

What do you do when something just doesn't work?


  1. i normally get fixated on solving a problem as well, especially if it's something that won't just fix itself or if it means i'm unable to do other things until it's fixed.

  2. My first instinct is to freak out and throw something. LOL. Then I call someone to fix it. I'm not a fixer.

  3. I'm more of an ostrich. I tend to bury my head in the sand for a period of time and hope the issue magically resolves itself. Invariably it doesn't, which is when I begrudgingly resort to plan b which goes something like: attempt to mend broken thing, end up breaking it more, have to call someone to fix it and explain with embarrassment how I made it worse. Good times.

  4. It depends on what it is, but usually I go into fix-it mode. Although with other things I go into "Oh well, I don't feel like dealing with this right now so I'll go do something else."

  5. Ha I'm the exact same way. It has my full attention until it's fixed. And I will stop at nothing until it is.

  6. I do the same thing you do, I take all the necessary steps to fix it.

  7. It depends on what it is, entirely. I'm a big believer in the value of 'experts' and going to them the minute I'm in an area outside of my own expertise. My brother is my computer and camera expert. Angel's my car expert and my health/what medicines can I combine safely expert. My dad is currently my expert on Malaysian bureaucracy. My grandpa is my lawyer. haha--so apparently my strategy is to surround myself with advisers covering any topic I might need.

  8. It depends on what it is. Most things I will try to fix myself but if it's something big, I'll call an expert. I don't want to make the problem worse. However, like you, I cannot rest until it is fixed and working properly.

  9. Depends on what it is, but if's the internet, I walk away and hope that it magically starts working later, or wait for Mr. to come home to fix it.


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