October 16, 2013

The weekends go too quickly. Also, my poor dog.

Sometimes I feel like by the time I catch up (Sunday afternoon), it's time to start all over again.  I probably feel this way because it's true.  For example, I prepared blog posts for Monday and Tuesday on Friday night.  That's why this weekend-y stuff isn't going up until today.

We went to Osage Beach, a torturous 50 minute drive through the woods, on Sunday.  Petco, lunch, and Marshall's.  My mouth was literally watering at the sight of Target.  I wanted it.  I wanted it bad.  But I had Scott, my dad, and the dog with me (my mom would've gone along with it, I'm pretty sure).  That combination of living things + Kristin + Target was not going to work.  Maybe next weekend.

We went to some castle ruins.  Scott and I'd gone there in 2009.

Scout got a Halloween toy at Petco.  

It's candy corn.

On a separate note, Scout ate at least 20 (probably 30) white chocolate M&Ms today.  They were in my school bag because I'd been giving them out for good behavior in the bus line at the end of the day (kids will do anything for an M&M).

After a panicked drive around Pulaski county, with a seemingly healthy dog in my lap, I took him home, put him in his pen, and drove to work in tears...thinking I'd killed him, of course.  I know that white chocolate doesn't have cocoa in it, but I thought that much sugar might be enough to do him in.

It just wasn't my day.  Is it Friday yet?


  1. My dog has eaten his fair share of "forbidden" foods and he's good! They have to eat a whole lot of bad food to get sick usually.

    I'll warn you, though, never ever mention on FB that your dog ate grapes. You'll get hell reigned down upon you!

  2. I have always said middle schoolers will do anything for a jolly rancher. Now that the grocery store cheaped out, and they got rid of Jolly Ranchers in bulk, my students now work for Fruit Logs.

  3. My dog likes to eat acorns so you can imagine the crap I had to clean up after that went through her system...so not fun! And I had someone feed one of my old dogs an entire bag of potato chips (I didn't tell him to!) and the dog was fine.

    Hope Scout is feeling better!

  4. Gigi once jumped and stole a brownie at my parents house at Christmas. I seriously thought my dog was going to die on Christmas, lol. It happens and I am glad Scout {and hopefully you??} are okay, though. I totally feel you on the weekend thing.

  5. Was that Ha Ha Tonka?

    I feel the same way about time flying too fast. I feel like I have no time anymore - yet Keith says I have all the time in the world. Men!

  6. Ohhh Target!! Anytime we go to Springfield, I insist on stopping in there. Even if I don't need anything.

  7. I feel the same way about the weekend. I finally get caught up and it's time to go again. And I'm behind because our schedule for next week is going to be all sorts of weird, and if have tonsillitis. I'm so glad tomorrow is Friday.

    It is amazing what kids will do for a little treat. They're like pets. ;)

  8. You'd be surprised what a dog can eat and not get sick off of. My dog has gobbled brownies I've dropped before I've been able to get to them and she's been fine. The M&Ms won't hurt!

  9. Our yellow lab, during her life time, probably ate at least 3 huge bags of Hershey's kisses... & never got sick... I don't recommend it, but I think some dogs, it doesn't even bother. (thank GOD)


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