October 14, 2013


*People who eat gluten-free by choice.
Something that tends to make me bristle is when people insist on eating gluten-free when they don't actually have celiac disease or a true gluten-intolerance.  There's really no reason for this to bug me.  I'm not gluten-intolerant, so I'm not personally offended, but I know people who are and I feel offended for them.

Gluten-free is a buzz word.  Like "organic" and "non-GMO".  While I think it's important to eat food that isn't pumped full of chemicals, I rarely buy organic.  It's a habit that's left over from Alaska; organic food there was triple the price, especially the produce.  Instead, I try to make things from scratch...not buying frozen meals, boxed dinners, etc.  Maybe it's not the "right" way to eat, but whatever.

I once heard someone say that they ate a "ton" of crackers with dip, but it was "okay because they were gluten-free".  What. does. that. even. mean!?  Did they assume GF meant healthy and calorie-free?  Because that's a leap.  But are people really thinking that and that's why they become gluten-avoiders?  Do they understand that gluten is a protein and is actually GOOD for you?  A conversation with a gluten-avoider always leaves me shaking my head.

Never have I ever had a good food experience at Panera.  Last week, I had the BBQ chicken salad at one in St. Louis and the "Power" Hummus Bowl at a Panera in Pittsburgh.  Their chicken always tastes sour to me. And they inconveniently mixed up the hummus bowl with the "Power" Mediterranean Bowl and I somehow ended up with no hummus in my "Power" Hummus Bowl.  (What a DUMB name, by the way...).  I had the Thai Chicken Salad once and it's quite nasty and sour-tasting.  I had the Soba Noodle and Shrimp Salad and it also was...quite nasty and sour-tasting.  The only good thing they have is the Cinnamon Crunch Bagels (at 400 calories a piece) and the Broccoli Cheddar Bread Bowl (at approximately 1763 calories a piece...you know, just an estimate).

*People who refuse to live off-base.
The excuse I've heard is "It's safer on base. I just feel better."  Uh huh.  Okay.  Did you grow up living only on military bases? If not, have you survived the terrible ordeal of living in...a town?  Where all the other thousands of plebians live? I'm not picking on you if you live on base.  Just if you act like you're too special to leave the military base.  I've met a few of those kind here.

Is there anything you are nit-picking about lately?  I feel like the only person I can tell about my true feelings on things is Scott.  And when he's not around, obviously Scout gets to listen.

This is his "tell me more" face.  Not really.  This is "please don't put me in my pen and leave for 8 hours" face.


  1. I totally agree about the whole gluten-free trend. On one hand, it's nice that people who are ACTUALLY gluten-intolerant or have Celiac's have more options these days, thanks to the trendiness of being gluten-free. However, it really annoys me when people just jump on food trend bandwagons without doing a lick of research. I feel the same way about the Paleo thing. If someone researches and actually believe it's the best way to eat, fine (of course you know my thoughts on a meat-based diet but that's beside the point). If they're just doing it because it's popular, I have no respect.

    Now...I wish someone would think it's trendy to not eat soy. Because I really am soy intolerant (hello, 3 day long KILLER stomachache if I so much as eat a protein bar with soy crisps in it) and soy is in...literally...EVERYTHING. And 80%+ of soy produced in the US is GMO soy, so...it's like double hell for my stomach.

  2. I feel the same about the whole gluten thing! I have several friends who have to avoid gluten to just be able to function but I'm like you, I try to cook from scratch as much as possible and limit processed foods. I can't buy organic because of the price but I feel like we eat relatively healthy. Panera is one of my favorites although I have no idea where one is around here. I'm suddenly craving a "you pick two" :)

  3. 1. I try to eat gluten-free, but I avoid gluten-free products... does that make sense? Like I don't eat crackers because they're gluten-free, I just don't eat crackers. Or bread. Or whatever. Though I do make the occasional Paleo treat and then STUFF MY FACE with it. I have a gluten-sensitivity, so if I do have too much, I feel sick.

    2. I don't get the obsession with Panera. Maybe because I never eat there... it's like people being obsessed with Olive Garden. (I do love me some TGI Friday's though...)

    3. Living on-post definitely is not safer! We just live here because it makes sense... but in Korea we won't be!

  4. I don't understand the gluten-free obsession either. Just because it's gluten-free doesn't mean it's better for you.

    I do enjoy Panera, we don't have it in El Paso but the ones I have been to have been good. I like their sandwiches.

    As far as living on post being safer, that's a crock! We have done both and I would choose to live off post from here on out.

  5. People who don't leave post at FLW are stupid. Plain and simple. Everyone knows the action is at Wal-Mart. When we lived in Okinawa, you had to lock your cars on base. The teenagers would steal your stuff. If you lived off base (we did) you never had to lock your car. At least I never did and never had a thing stolen. It's not always safer on base!

  6. Oh, man. The title. All I think of when I think of nits.... *shudder*

  7. One time I asked someone (who was eating gluten free) what gluten was. (I of course being a health teacher, know the answer.) They said "its like fat, but the really bad fat." WRONG! Times 1000. Like Angi said, the trendiness of it is good for those truly g-intolerant people.

    A panera opened in one of the nearby towns last spring, but I still haven't gone. The bagels sound yummy. With extra gluten.

    A lot of my nit picky things are at the gym. I have thought about writing a post about it...

  8. I am with you on the gluten thing! I know so many people who are 'gluten free' but don't eat healthy at all. Such an odd fad

  9. When I eat GF, I feel less chubby so I try to stay away from it. Do I feel sick from it...not really. Do I feel a lot less chunky, yes. So I'm intolerant to gluten in that way :P

  10. the gluten free one kind of made me laugh. never thought about it like that but i kind of agree. :) and I actually like panera!

  11. Angel and I have walked into Panera two times and walked back out without ordering 2 times. I just don't think it's our type of place. The food seems too pricey for salads and sandwiches....especially if, according to you, they aren't that great!

  12. The gluten-free trend. DO NOT GET ME STARTED. FYI: this might be long. This summer, I had a kid coming to camp. His medical form did not say gluten free, but a couple days before, his mom emailed me to tell me that he was allergic to gluten and wanted to know if we had alternatives. I told her that we could not guarantee a gluten-free diet, so offered to refund the lunch portion of her camp fee and have her son bring his own lunch. A few days go by and no response. The night before camp, I get an email that says, "Johnny has decided that he wants to eat what the other kids are eating, so please disregard my last email. There's no reasoning with a 5 year old. He is not adjusting well to his new diet." WHAT?!?! I promptly responded with an email stating that I could not allow her child with a gluten allergy to consume something that would make him sick. No response. So the next day, when camp started, she told me that he wasn't actually allergic to gluten, but she was trying "something new" with him and he cried all night when he found out he had to eat something different, so she gave in. 1. THAT'S NOT A GLUTEN ALLERGY. 2. You don't "reason" with kids, if you want them to do something, you tell them what to do and that's it.

    Okay, that was long, but that's why I have a bone to pick with "gluten free."

  13. Oh... that face!!!

    I kinda agree about Panera - I only love the ridiculously high calorie bagel.

    I get aggravated with the Paleo talk everywhere. I'm not a caveman.. I actually don't eat meat. Stop telling me to eat an animal please only because you want to.

  14. Any way of eating that cuts out food groups annoys me.

    I like Panera's green tea. Everything else is like grease on a plate. I always feel dirty after eating there.

  15. "I once heard someone say that they ate a "ton" of crackers with dip, but it was "okay because they were gluten-free". What. does. that. even. mean!?", I died at this. I have two friends who are actually gluten intolerant and watching them find things they can eat when we go out is so bad for them, and I feel so bad. No way would I willingly choose that {neither would they if they didn't have to, I think}. I am trying to eat more clean and less process but only a few things have I switched to organics on. Most things I am with you, prepare yourself. Annnd last, I love Panera. Not everything mind you, and mostly the ish that isn't better for you, but I really do. And Jason HATES them, lol.

  16. I get that people want to eat better, but the example you gave is just insane. You can't eat "gluten free" and thing you can binge because it's also "calorie free". Too much of anything is not good for you.

    I always get the broccoli cheese soup at Panera. The sandwiches I've had have been good. I wouldn't say it's my go-to place, but if I want to pretend that I'm eating healthy, that's where I go. Haha!

  17. Hello there!
    It's been a long time since I swung by. And I feel as though I've missed a lot in your life. Except Scout. Because I see him on IG. He's so cute.
    We come to the mainland in December, so if you and Scott ever make it down to Texas, you must let me know. You can see our future tiny human who is baking and taking up an ever-growing space in my belly. Speaking of, she just kicked. Maybe to say HI.
    Scout is adorable!
    Panera is OK.
    Living off-base would've been nice but it was easier on-base, here, with one car and such.
    That is all.
    Hope you're well!

  18. Here's to hoping I never have a kid with gluten sensitivity because I still get confused what it even is.

  19. Oh man! As someone who is gluten intolerant, the gluten free fad drives me batty! I eat gluten free, but I don't eat gluten free foods(except GF pasta, it's my blue meth addiction ;) and nothing makes me happier than telling someone eating super high calorie gluten free something or other and says it's "healthy" I just like to remind them that Fritos and Cheetos are gluten free and they aren't "healthy"
    Except they don't seem to get my point so I just nod and smile and say, "oh how wonderful, you gave up bread! Did you forgo the Lucky Charms, deli meat, and cupcakes too?" I usually get a blank stare then ;) lol! Also, if you can eat gluten? EAT GLUTEN. Enjoy the cupcakes!
    PS Get the Mac and cheese at Panera. The rest of the stuff you've had sounds questionable, but the Mac? Life changing.


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