October 17, 2013

I wear glasses

(This is a sponsored post.  I was compensated by GlassesUSA for my time. However, I've been wearing eyeglasses since I was 9 years old, so all opinions are my own and I'm probably qualified on the topic.)

It's interesting once you're a grown-up and no one knows whether or not you wear glasses if you have contacts.  When I was growing up, EVERYONE had glasses.  Now, I just assume everyone has contacts and my students usually haven't believed me when I've told them I wear glasses.

I've worn glasses since April of 1995.  I was in 3rd grade.  They were pink and blue wire frames.  I still remember the serial number, which I was told to remember so I could tell the optometrist (opthamologist? who knows?) when she asked me what pair I wanted.  It was 18-22-123.

In 7th grade, I made the switch to contacts.  I had the HARDEST time getting used to contacts.  It was a little pathetic, really.  But my drive to not wear glasses anymore was stronger.  I spent half an hour in front of a mirror every morning trying to get those dumb things in.  On top of that, the darn things were always ripping.  I spent many hours with sore eyes...just because I couldn't manage to keep a contact lens in one piece.  Junior high was rough.

Sometimes, I've wondered, what if I was one of those people who just naturally looked good in glasses? Life would've been simple!  After watching Scott go through his PRK debacle last spring, I'm now more certain than ever that I'll be wearing contacts forever.  I'm not having that surgery and I, friends, am not naturally good at the wearing eyeglasses thing.


But maybe you are!  Because even us contacts-wearers need to have a spare pair around!  I only wear mine before bed while watching t.v. or first thing in the morning.

If you're like me, and you're on the lookout for affordable, attractive glasses, you should check out GlassesUSA.com.  If you order glasses online through GlassesUSA, you can try out the new virtual mirror feature (without even getting off the couch!).

Plus, I always end up spending way too much money at the retail stores because it always comes down to necessity at the last minute.  A trip to the eyeglass store in January left me $130 lighter.

I would order these pairs from GlassesUSA.  I tend to go for dark, square plastic frames.

Talk about affordable!

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I hope you can make use of these codes.  Goodness knows I can never find a good pair of glasses for a great price when I need them!

Happy weekend!  (I'm going to Mansfield, Missouri tomorrow.  A few of you might know what I'm talking about here :)


  1. I always had the hardest time with contacts, my eyes were endlessly sore.

  2. I used to wear exclusively contacts (and loved them) and only wore my glasses at night when I was prepping to go to bed, but for some reason, Alaska has ruined my eyes. I can't wear contacts here, I don't know if it's the moisture in the air or some kind of pollen or what, but my eyes are fine with contacts in Seattle, and then as soon as I get back here, I have to wear glasses again or my eyes are dry, itchy, feel like I've got sand in them...so annoying.

    But really now I just want to see a picture of you in glasses!

  3. I did not know you wore glasses/contacts! I hate wearing my glasses...but I know for a fact I would be horrible at contacts. So...if you can tell from the average picture of me...I just walk around without seeing everything most of the time. I'm not super blind, so it's possible, but if I have to drive then I have to wear them.

  4. What's in Mansfield MO? If you said Marceline, I'd know you're going to visit Disney but Mansfield, no clue! Have fun whatever you're doing :)

  5. I got glasses in second grade and don't get contacts until 11th. I broke so many pairs of glasses when I was a kid. I sat on a lot, and gym class was to blame for many others. (I always hated gym anyway....).

    My current frames are awesome. (They're purple and pink!!) It's my lenses that are screwed up. The left one has this permanent smudge that I can't get rid of. While I DEFINITELY prefer my contacts, I would wear my glasses more if I could see out of them! This is an awesome deal, though!

  6. I've been a glasses wearer for forever practically!! I wear mostly contacts now. I'm finally getting really comfortable in my glasses wearing skin.


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