May 14, 2013

PA Pictures..kind of

I'd love to be one of those bloggers who takes 94 pictures over the weekend and has them watermarked, edited, and posted by Sunday evening in storybook fashion.  Those posts are always interesting to read because I know it's something I could never do.  

This is what I've got for you today:

Me, driving down the turnpike from Pittsburgh to Carlisle.  No makeup and unshowered.

I guess we don't visit enough.

She didn't hold onto my leg like that.

What that dress was supposed to look like, minus the leggings and boots.

Scott "accidentally" got gum in my hair.  He said he'd pick it out.  I saved him the trouble by taking the scissors out of the first aid kit, while we were driving down the road, and cutting it out.  I wasn't happy.
Also, that's the lid selection at a convenience store in St. Louis.  Mesmerizing, right? 

I bought Scott an Alaska air freshener.  I'm thought he'd appreciate that.

Also, it's rained 80% of our time in PA.  Go figure, right?  Yesterday, it was spitting some snow flurries.  Which is why...I had to wear my workout leggings.  I didn't pack any real pants.  I thought it'd be warm and stuff.

Finally...I had a blate!  Well, kind of.  Becky and I knew each other before I started blogging (she's blogged longer than me), but that's how we keep in touch now.  So let's call it a blate.

One more thing that's checked off the blogging to-do list! Thanks Becky!


  1. Finally the legs make an appearance without leggings! Love that dress, totally cute. So are the shoes. I dont know what it is about little girls but they always seem to hang on to the fellas like that even though they havent seen either of us in forever. My nieces do the same thing.

    Blate's are so awesomely fun, even if they are in workout leggings haha.

  2. Now that you are back in the great state of PA, where are you? I'm close to Reading - maybe we can meet up!

  3. Finally am getting a chance to catch up in blog world (end of school, even when subbing will do that to you) and I can finally say Welcome Home to Missouri! I'm in St. Louis but the summers find us down in your area for the Ozarks and everything in between. Let me know if you need ideas on things to do. Oh and you'll realize that your gas station with all the lids, aka Quik Trip, is heaven! :)

  4. Ugh, gum in the hair is the worst! The variety of lids in that convenience store is pretty incredible, I'm glad you documented it. The dress is adorable, at least you had some sunshine over the weekend even if the rest of the time it rained!

  5. You got those sandals from Kohls didn't you!

  6. Why on earth is it still snowing ANYWHERE?

  7. The intro to this post cracked me up. I am the same way.

  8. I never edit photos haha I just post them lol.

  9. I have no idea why but I laughed HARD at the Alaskan air freshener, lol. Anyways....glad you're home!

  10. I love meeting my blogging friends. I wish we could have a blare!

  11. Did that air freshener bring you back?

  12. I laughed so hard at the alaska air freshener! Did he enjoy it?

    Also, I once had a gusher stuck in my hair. NOT fun. I feel your pain :(

  13. I truly wish PA's weather would've been kinder to you. It's beautiful here now! lol

    It was great to meet up with you! :)


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