May 17, 2013

High 5 for Friday

1.  We picked up my car in St. Louis on Wednesday.  That took less than a month!  As I said on Instagram, my car is born-and-raised Alaskan.  This Sonata will get to experience summer this year (It should have to write me a thank-you note).

2.  Speaking of Alaska, this late season snow stuff is happening.  And I'm not there.  I would laugh.  Really, I would laugh and jump up and down and praise the Lord and all that...but our air conditioner seems to be not working as well as it should (we can't cool it down past 73 in here).  This is a different problem entirely and one I'm not used to.  I feel like I've entered an alternate universe.

3.  Our last landlord was so terrible at her job that she sent our security deposit refund to Montana.  She claims/claimed that I never gave her a new address.  I did.  I emailed it to her and wrote it down on a piece of paper while she was standing in front of me.  If you'd like her name, just let me know.  In case you want to rent from her or something.

4.  We listened to Killing Lincoln on our drive from PA to Missouri this week.  Scott liked the first half and slept through most of the second half.  I was struck with some kind of weird illness this week (Tuesday night) and spent most of the first half trying not to throw up in the new truck (I'm better now), so I didn't catch all of it.  The second half held my attention across the entire states of Ohio and Indiana.  I particularly liked the Afterword and Epilogue because he tells you what happened to every. single. character. in the saga (non-fiction).  I recommend this if you like history.  A teacher friend told me to read it back in November.  I thought, "Oh, I will".  I listened to it in a day and a half.  It made me feel hugely productive. Next up: Killing Kennedy.

Where do you all get your audio books?  We bought this straight-out at Barnes and Noble for $30 because we were desperate for entertainment (Ohio is no joke).

5.  All the stuff arrived.

It's going to be a long weekend around here.

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  1. I hate audio books. Really really hate them. But more power to those who do like them. But my Grandfather has tons of them because he loves them so much. Like in an unhealthy way...

    I hope you get your money back. Because that would really piss me off!

    Since I worked in the HVAC industry for almost 4 years... I can possibly help you with your unit:

    1. Change the filter
    2. Does the thermostat have a dehumidifier? If so, switch it to ON.
    3. Get maintenance on it twice a year
    4. Lack of air flow (coils need to be cleaned)
    5. Change batteries in thermostat (if it's digital)
    6. Check float switch and if it's filled up with water, suck it out with a shop vac.
    7. Clean out the drain line at the outside unit

    If none of this works, you might need a new system! And set your thermostat to 75-77. That should cool off your house without breaking the bank. And close doors and make it darker.

  2. I'm not big on audio books, but I'm contemplating it for all our upcoming road trips. I bet B would like that book too.

  3. Yay for stuff. I have a hard time with audio books. I have a way I want things to sound in my head and it rarely lines up.

  4. Good grief your landlord is the biggest idiot. If you didn't give her a new address (according to her), then why did she mail it ANYWHERE? She should have just held onto it and tried to call you. What a moron. I hope she's planning on cancelling the check and sending you a new one.

    I'm not a fan of audio books either but that looks like a good one to read!!!

  5. I've gotten most of my audiobooks from My favorites were the Harry Potter series (the narrator is perfect!) as well as books by three funny ladies -- Mindy Kaling, Tina Fey and Betty White. I like to keep the listening light.

  6. Yay for getting your car, I'm sure you feel a lot better about having it.

  7. Ugh, the A/C. I'll cross my fingers for you!

    I don't think I could listen to audio books in the car. My mind wanders too much for me to focus!

  8. I listened to one of the Harry Potters when I drove from Nebraska to Oregon. We checked it out from the library.

    Did you ever live in Montana? I'm really confused about that one...

  9. You're landlord sounds awesome. :-p

    I don't think I've ever listened to an audio book in my whole life....unless I did a listening center in elementary school or something. I do think you can check them out of libraries. I can see how they would be nice for road trips, but i don't know if I would like it because I love singing my way somewhere! :). The book sounds really interesting, though!

  10. I love audio books, I like to listen to them when I'm on the treadmill sometimes but it gets expensive. I used to rent them from the library and then just put them onto my iPod, or buy them from iTunes. I looked into but I don't listen to enough to make a subscription worth it, and there are some on Spotify but none that I've felt the desire to listen to.


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