May 18, 2013

Unpack all the stuff

Who needs this much stuff?

No one.  The answer is "no one needs all this stuff".  I just lived out of a suitcase for a month.  And while I felt unsettled, it was very freeing.  I missed my kitchen stuff the most because I don't like eating out.  I like meal-planning and all that jazz.  So I need that portion of my stuff.  But as for the boxes of clothes, shoes, and stuff I haven't even missed in the last month?  Probably not all that needed.

We've been married 4 years and the stuff has accumulated.  And we lived in a 2600 square foot house for half of that accumulated.  And if you visited that house, it STILL felt empty.  Even with all this stuff in it.

Stuff that needs to go on the walls.  Some of the stuff that needs to go on walls, anyway...


Oh basement, I love you.

 Uh huh.

 The mover who packed up my clothes in Alaska said he'd never seen someone with so many clothes hangers.  Great, right?

 My hairdryer is the red one.  I have a travel one I've been using for the last month, and that little gray thing is "the back-up".  I also have 3 curling irons.  The last time I curled my hair was 2 years ago.  
Why do I have 3 curling irons?

Couches being shuffled about.

Anyway, as I'm unpacking, I'm putting stuff in boxes.  One for stuff I want but don't want out, and one for stuff I plain old don't want.  This is a fresh start and we don't need ALL THE STUFF.  

Do you get rid of stuff?  Scott and I are both on the same page this time around.  We want to downsize the stuff.

(The goal here was really to see how many times I could use the word "stuff".)


  1. You did good saying "stuff" as often as you could.

    I agree completely, we always realize how much crap we have when it's time to move.
    And I hate unpacking SO much.
    It makes me glad that they come pack us up, but damn it, unpacking is just torture!! TORTURE!

    And having to rehang everything and rearrange everything that you had for one house for a whole different set up is just annoying. In Alaska our house looked decent, walls had stuff on em, things had places.... now it's still just kind of everywhere and I'm just not fully pleased with the layout of it all.

  2. Ugh! I'm totally with you on all the stuff! When we moved just recently I really made sure we got rid of a lot of the stuff. I just dont know how we have so much! And most of it is completely useless! So glad you finally have all your stuff though so you can go through your stuff and decide what stuff to keep. Ok. Now the word stuff is just making me giggle!

  3. We always downsize and get rid of junk we don't need. It helps the moving process so much. I'm a minimalist anyway and clutter drives me insane haha.

  4. We talked a bit about this at our dinner. I have SO many clothes that I don't wear. I have pieces I love and want to wear ALL. THE. TIME. But yet, I still have a hard time getting rid of clothes. I have to be in just the right mood to get rid of stuff.

    And can still send me those clothes you don't want. ;) haha

  5. We're in the process of buying right now and packing/unpacking is something I am DREADING.

    Of course now we live in a one bedroom apartment so how much stuff can we have, right??

  6. I'm still unpacking and it's been a couple of months. Trying to fit three bedrooms into a two bedroom apt is tough, especially since I don't get a craft room any more =/ Downsizing stuff is always a good idea and we did a lot of that before we moved. Sometimes I wonder where all this stuff came from anyway? Good luck with your stuff strategy and making your house a home :)

  7. unpacking does not sound like fun! although it will be nice to get rid of things! i have been trying to do more of that lately - we have too much stuff!!

  8. Im about to get marries/combine stuff, and downsizing is HARD. I like my stuff! I don't want to get rid of it.

  9. Unpacking is the worst. We've lived here a year and a half and I still have photos on my living room floor!

  10. haha!! Moving so much has created a characteristic in me that is hugely anti-stuff. There's a lot of things in our house that we could totally live without. Actually, what I love about how we're currently living is that all we own only three major pieces of furniture in our house--the rest is borrowed or it's the furniture my parents left in America when they went off to the other side of the world. I enjoy not accumulating stuff--I'd pick going on trips over home decorations or furniture or appliances or practically anything, any day. But somehow the stuff still manages to accumulate, even when you try very hard to let it not accumulate!!

  11. The best part of moving every three years is purging! I love getting rid of stuff. But no matter how much we get rid of, we still have too much!

  12. My hoarder husband has a hard time getting rid of stuff. I think it's just stuff and I want to try and sell it all. I don't need much!

  13. We go through stuff when we move and start fresh at each house.


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