October 17, 2012

"You look like you're going to a hoe-down"

I've professed my deep-seeded love for Dexter and Debra Morgan several times.

(See:  My Debra Morgan Purse!)

Debra Morgan is my hero.

Source: google.com via Danielle on Pinterest

In all her flawed tendencies (and there are many), she's a badass and I want to be her.

I perfected the look of flannel long before Debra Morgan graced my t.v. screen.

But now, every time I put on a flannel shirt, which would be everyday of my life if I could get away with it, I think of that scene from Season 6 where Detective Anderson tells Debra she looks like she's going to a hoe-down.

That's my kinda look.

Shirt and Jeans:  JCPenney // Boots:  Steve Madden
And she's got the man-boots going too.  I don't think these are man boots.  But they could be if worn on the inside of pants instead of the outside.

Rarely do I ever wear my boots on the inside.

(Also, did you notice that the camera lens can't even contain my forehead?)

And you better believe I had to look up how to spell "hoe-down".

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  1. baha oh you and your forehead insecurities. I'm so in love with the "hoe-down" look right now. I just bought another flannel shirt yesterday from target. Flannel shirts + skinny jeans + boots over the jeans = fav look ever right now. Looking cute as always my dear.

  2. i'd have to check on hoe down too. :) I am in love with those boots!! and I have yet to watch dexter - isn't that terrible? waiting for my brother to finish the last season so we can go watch the ones he's recorded!

  3. Ugh, I need a cute pair of brown riding boots SO BAD...just can't bring myself to online shop for them.

    Also, I need to get me some flannel. Not to go to a hoe-down though...because I'm a closet hipster. ;)

  4. You wear clothes that I would wear. I love that shirt.

  5. Love the red around the zipper on those boots!

    Have you read the Dexter books? Way better than the show!

  6. Those boots really are fantastic. I just got caught up on your super awesome purse post and I get uber excited when I see things I own on a tv show. I have the same sheet set as one of my favorite tv couples, it makes me excited to make my bed! haha

  7. I want cute boots. Dumb power calves.

  8. I need to watch Dexter I have no clue who you love!

    But I'm all in for a hoe-down

  9. I love Deb's style cause it's totally laid back, unlike uptight LaGuerda's. Ugh. Yeah, I dont like that bitch.

  10. I loooove flannel too, I always try to girl-it-up because I'm afraid I look manly {you know, with my boobs and all}. Also, I'm loving your hair so blonde!

  11. Love the outfit. I'm dressed in something so extremely similar it's scary. Only difference, my boots are black and my shirt is gray, pink, and teal plaid.


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