October 18, 2012

Yeah, it's okay.

Its Ok Thursdays

It's okay that I haven't baked anything in weeksssss.  Or a month.  Maybe more.

But I went to 3 different stores looking for "fall" Hershey's Kisses just because they're festive.  Regular silver wrappers would simply not do.

I see these cookies being made this weekend.

It's okay that I am humbled, completely/absolutely/totally humbled, that there are 300 of you out there who read this thing.  This thing that I've really poured my energy into over the last year.  This thing that I can speak truth through.  This thing that is the only thing getting me through this thing called deployment.

Rest assured, when this thing called deployment is over, I will be thanking you properly...in the form of material goods.

It's okay that my friend Katharine started a blog.  (I betcha you thought I didn't have real friends, right?  Well, she lives in PA, so technically...)

Never mind.

She started a blog.  And she survived Penn State student teaching with me and she is a 5th grade teacher.

And let me just say that I'm also completely humbled that she looked to me for inspiration when starting a blog.  I'm glad I could do that for someone.  Who wouldn't want to be involved in this crazy blog world, after all?

It's okay that apparently I'm the only Shane fan around.

Whatever, whatever..... (Natalie, Lin, and Casey, I is talking to you.)

My reasoning is this:

Plus, he taught us all a REALLY important lesson:  Try to stay in shape, folks.

I'd ask who was a fan of his and who was not, but from what I can gather, I'm the only one who enjoyed his presence.  I liked the antagonism he brought to the show.

For all of you who are like, "Wtf is she talking about now?", I'm talking about The Walking Dead.  
(Don't fret.  That's how I feel when bloggers start talking about reality t.v.  I'll stop now.)

It's okay that I don't even recall if I've gotten political on here yet (for real, can't even remember).
But my head just about exploded while watching my Twitter feed during the debate the other night. 
I am pro-gun (like times 1 billion and if you try to take my pistol away...well, you can imagine what I'd do...)
I'd like to say I'm pro-life, but I also believe that no human being has the right to tell another human being what she can do with her body.  So I don't think it's up to us to make that call, ya know?
I am pro-military.
I am anti-everybody wins and gets a prize.  Competition is a good thing.  
And I am THOROUGHLY SICKENED by the garbage our schools have to wade through in order to stay afloat. 
And honestly, I'm not going to vote.  There is no candidate who meets my qualifications.  If you want to call me lazy, go for it.  
I'll be out there teaching kids how to read, write, and multiply all day long.  If you're not too frightened, you can find me in the trenches of public education.  Lazy, indeed.

It's okay that I need to sit down tonight and sort out The Great Pumpkin Swap partners.  If you're on the 1st half of the list, you get me, the slacker, assigning you your partner.  The 2nd half is Allie's deal.   (She probably already emailed you your partners.  Sorry, 1st-half-of-the-listers.  My apologies for your bad luck :)


  1. Shane always made me so angry. But then I was sad for what happened to him. So I guess I liked him alright!

  2. I totally agree that neither candidate is good enough when it come to education. They have no idea what they're talking about.

  3. I'm in the good-riddance-Shane camp. Trying to steal his best friend's wife...not a fan of Lori either, though. Toying toying with both of their emotions all the time, b.....anyway.

    You've seen the pumpkin kisses right? They're orange with orange wrappers!

  4. I am paddling the same plitical boat as well!!!

  5. 300? Ooh, somebody's popular. Go you! Dont know why you're so surprised by all the people that love 'this thing', it's pretty damn awesome ;)

    Real friends? People still have those?

    Haha...yep, I'm a total Shane hater. Do agree that he got shit done though.

  6. ROFLMFAO! You are hilarious!

    As always.....

    And there is ONLY one thing I liked about Shane.. well 2..

    1. He was hot and athletic...

    2. The way he said "do it now!" BAHAHAHAHA

  7. Right there with on the election front. At this point it's all just so irritating I'm ready to block half the people I'm friends with on FB. Blerg.

  8. I totally got mentioned by a cool kid :)

    I think I figured out why I'm not so into national politics, and it all has to do with the first presidential election I voted in. The local issues are the important ones. And the ones where my vote actually counts for something.

  9. Did I ever tell you that your sarcasm makes me happy? :)

    I must be on the first half of the list. I haven't gotten my email yet. ;o)

  10. Thank you for the shout-out! I am truly humbled to be called your "real friend"! :) I've been taking the world of blogging one day at a time (MUST POST MORE OFTEN), but so far, it is fantastic therapy. I already have several ideas for new posts, and I find myself using my camera phone A LOT more lately. Time for Instagram????

  11. Haha you got the partners mailed out by the deadline so that's all that matters!

  12. I have not seen The Walking Dead yet, but my brother has been telling me I need to watch it. It's currently in my Netflix queue. Heard a lot of great things about it, so can't wait to start watching it. Also, I agree with your political statements. Amen, sister!!

  13. Congrats on 300! I am *this close* and looking forward to hitting that mark. It feels good, doesn't it? And you know what I did during the debate? Watched A Bug's Life with my boys. So over this election.


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