July 6, 2012

Stuff I don't like.

*I wrote this awhile ago and have since edited it many times, but have never hit "publish".  If there's anything else that pops up that I realize I don't like, I'll be sure to let you know in a future rant.*

It's fun to read about what people like.  However, I find it much more enlightening and telling to learn what other people dislike.

This list was originally longer, but I cut it down to the ones that I reallllllly can't stand.  For the record, I hold no grudge in my heart against you if you like any of these things.

Well, unless you give your baby a Facebook page.  *quadruple eye roll* Quite unforgivable.

People who give their babies Facebook pages.  For real, folks, don't do it.  Oh and if you're gonna do it anyway, make sure you update it from the newborn's point of view.  I love it when that pops up on the ol' Newsfeed.

Reality t.v.  
I know so many of you love it, but I don't like the staged aspect of it and the constant commercials.  We can agree to disagree. 

The Police/Sting
My one request was that the D.J. at our wedding not play anything by this group (oh, and NO Shania Twain).  The moron played it.  If it hadn't been my wedding day, and my husband hadn't stopped me, I totally would've complained.  Apparently we got the D.J. who couldn't read words on a piece of paper. 

I want to like it.  I just can't. 

Fifty Shades of Grey
Hands down, dumbest thing I ever tried to read.  According to my blog stats, two people have found my Fifty Shades review by searching "fifty shades paralleling twilight".  My purpose has been served. 

People who update their Facebook statuses with the weather
I live in Alaska.  At any given time, I could tell you the exact weather of my hometown in Pennsylvania ...just by checking Facebook.

Talking about how great and unattainable Carrie Underwood's legs are. 
Do some squats, sister!  You'll get there!  That chick is a vegan who does lunges all day.
Actually, I don't like it when people point out how great something is but have no intention of trying to do it/get it themselves.  Almost everything is attainable if you're willing to work for it. 

Camping, hunting, fishing
My husband was supposed to go on a hunting trip this week.  I was not (see picture below).  However, in the raw rush of emotions that accompanies deployment (or my desperate need for attention), he stayed home instead.


  1. I agree with a lot of what you wrote! Except I love yoga! Love it so much I'm training to be a yoga instructor :)

  2. hehehe love this list bc I also hate pretty much all of these things. I even have a few people on my friends list who have 2 fb pages or a fb page for their dog or cat. What?! Look, I'm obsessed with my dog but he doesn't need a fb page. My fav for the weather part is how EVERYONE takes screen shots of the temp like "Oh look, here's this pic that says its a bazillion degrees." You're right, I totally needed to see 50 of those all at once in my newsfeed, now my day is complete. Alright, rant over :) Happy friday!

  3. like this post! and agree on many. except I do like reality tv. : )

  4. Oh, yoga. I really, really want to like it. I just can't get into it. And a baby FB page? Really?

  5. A girl here has FB pages for her kids and she had it for the youngest before he was even born. I don't see the point! I HATE camping and all that but I'll go for one night. That's all I can handle and by the end of that one night D is ready to put me in a hotel :)

  6. I am so with you girl, i saw that last picture awhile back and got a huge kick out of it! I love reading these, keep em coming!

  7. As many of my fb friends that have kids, Im not sure if any have a separate page. Are people really doing that?? I have a severe pet peeve with public sonogram pics...like that is your uterus. On the internet. Stop.

  8. Really? Baby facebook pages? Why oh why must people ruin facebook for those of us that actually use it correctly? And camping...I don't like it at all...unfortunately we are going in a few weeks with my inlaws. Is it bad that I am praying for extremely bad weather so we can't go:-)

  9. Haha, this has got to be the best post I've read all freakin' day! Sometimes I can't even believe what stupid things people post about on FB. Baby pages? Damn insane.

    50 Shades was SO stupid. Waste of literacy space. Camping isn't so bad, you know, when there's a swimming pool, bathrooms & running water around :)

  10. I agree on the fb pages for kids! Its weird to me. I guess I missed where your hubs was back and is being deployed again?

  11. baby and pet facebook pages are absurd...really, your CAT is going to like my picture? ugh..I am guilty of the reality tv thing:-/ only The Bachelor/Bachelorette..I want to hate it so bad, and know it's ridiculous, but it's like a train wreck I just can't look away from!

    3 of my friends camped in the backyard where I'm house-sitting last night..just blankets on the ground. I really don't get it.


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